Salam n hye everyone~!! I'm offline now. If you've come here, leave a trace & I'll visit you back. ^_^

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Need HELP about NUFFNANG~!!!!!

Salam & hye....

I hope someone out there can help me with problem(s) about Nuffnang. It's been nearly 2 months since I registered as a Nuffnanger. (to see post about it, click here). I've added the ads on my blog, plus the poll too. But, I still haven't received any earnings yet.

Actually how do I receive earnings from Nuffnang? I see ads being displayed on my blog, but when am I going to get paid for them? Plz...someone help me answer these Qs.. I'm juz a Nuffnang newbie anyway.. So I really do hope that you Nuffnang seniors can help me. Thanks a million!! ^_^ 

P/s: could you help with 1 more thing? Plz answer my poll on the right sidebar of my blog.. Thanks again!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Introducing...Baby Hannah Husna - Part II!!

Ok, before this, I've talked about Baby Hannah likes to do n what she dislikes. In this Part II, I'm going to tell you about her vocabulary...meaning the words that she has now can speak.

Baby Hannah Husna's Vocabulary

* Papa (Hubby @ her papa)
* Ibu (me - but she rarely says it, huhu~.. T_T)
* Atuk (Ayah @ her grandpa)
* Nan (Ummi @ her grandma)
* Ijah (my sis)
* Acam (my bro Aslam)
* Amma (my bro Ammar)
* Ayip (my bro Ayep)
* Kudin (my bro Kudin)
* Bibik (Ummi's housemaid a.k.a her caretaker also)
* meow
* bod (bird)
* pish (fish)
* cicak (gecko - which she utterly hates)
* bukak (open)
* tutup (close)
* ni (this)
* tu (that)
* nak (want)
* ambik (take)
* nah (here - as in motioning that she wants to give something)
* bak (give - as in ordering to give her something)
* amin
* salam
* mil mil (milk)
* jom (let's go)
* no
* shh (as in shushing)
* yay
* abish (finish)
* amboi
* dah (from sudah)
* pi (from tepi, which means move aside)
* baby
* panash (from panas) or hot
* shijuk (from sejuk, which means cold)
* duduk (sit)
* ayi (from air, which means water)
* ujan (from hujan, which means rain)
* tido (from tidur, which means sleep)

Beside all these words, she speaks a lot of baby language, of which I have a hard time understanding, hehe.. XP

Previous post of this series:
1. Introducing...Baby Hannah Husna!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mall World addiction~...

 If you have a Facebook account, then you're sure to know or have heard of Mall World. I've juz started playing the game....n guess what - I'm now addicted to it! Currently I play every day, almost up to 3 times a day!! >_<

It's such a fun & interesting game. I get to open my own boutique, sell & purchase clothes n accessories, plus join fashion shows. ^_^ I've now joined 2 fashion shows: 1st fashion show - I got 2nd place, while 2nd fashion show - will know the results later this morning (hope to win 1st place!!!) >_^

So here's my new look, the look I'm showing off at the current fashion show. It may not be beautiful much to you, but I love this look - nice + sweet! ^_^

Nway, if any of u are also Mall World players, don't forget to add me as your neighbour, ok?

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I first bought an issue of Pa&Ma magazine when I was nearly 9 months pregnant. That May 2009 issue was incredibly something that was a right choice bought the right time. It talked about tips for going thru the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, what to bring to the hospital on the day of labour n so on. Plus, it advertised a set for mothers (set ibu bersalin) - Leesa Formula Confine Mum Set - which Ummi bought for me a few days after I gave birth.

This is the May 2009 issue - my very 1st Pa&Ma mag!!

I must say, buying a parenting magazine felt awkward at first. I used to buy comic books n comic mags before I was married. There's a whole stack of them at Ummi's house. Even my fren Syud is wowed that I no longer read comics, but have stepped to another level of reading, hihi...XD

Apart from buying Pa&Ma as a guide towards parenting, I also bought another Malaysian motherhood mag, Mami&Baby. But after comparing the two mags, I found that Pa&Ma was much more suitable & approached me the best.

Since then, every month I buy a copy of Pa&Ma, and each single copy has never let me down in providing tips & info on parenting & motherhood. I have yet to subscribe the mag, but I'm planning to do so in future. Spending RM6.50 a month is really worth it!!! ^_^

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hoping to be the best that I can be~...

Assalamualaikum & gud morning everyone...

At this moment, Baby Hannah & Hubby are still sleeping pleasantly, while I myself couldn't get a shut eye after Subuh, so I decided to go online.

I've been thinking I the best that I can be right now? My own reply is: No. I don't think I'm being my best now. I guess I need to push myself more until I can be the best of me.

Like everyone else, problems & trouble come to me, and as a Muslim, I must try to solve & overcome them in a good manner. But sometimes, I don't think I've been doing good enough. Doubts keep coming & going... Oh Allah, plz guide me through this life..

What I hope & pray for right now (and will always keep praying) are:

* to be the good (if not the best) Muslim & server of Allah
* to be the best wife+partner+soulmate to Hubby
* to be the best mother+friend to Baby Hannah (and my future children, if any, insyaAllah)
* to be the best daughter for Ummi & Ayah
* to be the best sister for my siblings
* to be the best friend of all my friends
* to be the best student that I can be
* and to be the best person for myself.

Amin ya rabbal 'alamin...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Having fun~!! ^_^

Sori for not updating my blog. I'm now at Kelantan, wif Hubby n Baby Hannah. Yup, I'm spending my semester break here.

I don't know if I'm able to blog regularly, coz the connection here is soooooo slow. Huhu~...

Nway, if there's anything, juz give a msg at my shoutbox.. Thnx!!! >_<

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bye, everyone~... ^_^

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday), Baby Hannah & I will be on the bus to Hubby's hometown in Kelantan. So, I'm saying a quick farewell here, as I may not be blogging much in the one month period I'll be there. (coz there isn't any good coverage there, huhu~... T_T)

But, still, if there's anything, u could juz give a shout at my shoutbox on the left sidebar of my blog.

Wish Hannah & I safety along the journey, ok? Thnx... and see you around!! ^_^

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Raise a hand. Let's stop child abuse!

Hye there friends!! I've juz raised my hand to support the "UNICEF - Raise Your Hands, Stop Child Abuse" campaign. Here's proof of my support...hihi.. ^_^

UNICEF Malaysia is seeking 100,000 supporters all around Malaysia. Since I last checked, there are only 11,065 supporters. To get on board, juz go to the campaign's website,

Juz 1 more exam paper left~...

I still have 1 more exam paper left to overcome this coming Monday. That much awaited paper is Translation I. There's nothing much to study for this paper coz I juz have to translate texts from English to Malay n vice versa. Plus, it's an open book exam, where my classmates & I are allowed to bring our English-Malay bilingual dictionary into the exam hall. Yeah, that's why I have time to online n update my blog & my FB status. Hihi.. >_^

I juz can't wait to get it done n over with. Bcoz on Wednesday morning (1st December 2010), Baby Hannah & I will be on the bus to meet my much missed Hubby in Kelantan~... Huhu~.. I do miss him sooo much. It's not so nice being away from Hubby who has to work in Kelantan. It's been nearly 2 months since we last met!

Well, I guess I have to sacrfice my desire to always be right next to him, as I have to finish my degree a.s.a.p. "-_-

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final Exams

This is a scheduled entry. Today I'll be fighting for my life in the exam hall (note exaggeration). "-_- It's Day 1 of my final exams. Plz plz plz wish me luck!!

Below is a poem I composed with dedication to myself & my frens who will be taking, who are taking n who have juz taken their exams...with the message: "Good luck & may we get good great results later~!!"

Final exams

Final exams
It comes with questions to be answered
Most students do well
A few do even better
Yet there is one or two
who just can't come up
with the correct answer.

Final exams
It comes with papers and pens
Students generally fear it
Worrying that they haven't studied enough
Some students welcome it
Confident that they can answer
in a wink or a puff.

Final exams
It comes with every semester
Although many students are not really fond of it
Somehow they subconsciously anticipate it
Because final exams occur at the end of a semester
Students look forward to
the weeks and weeks of holidays
that come after.

Created by: Nisa' Azman
22nd October 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby Hannah's 18 months injection~...

The recent Friday, I brought Baby Hannah to UMMC to get her very much delayed 18 months inejction. She was suppossed to be injected on 4th November, but I was so busy with things.

Nway, many people were at the hospital, coz it's Friday afternoon, after all. When it was Hannah's turn to be injected, she was excited n happy. But when I cradled her in my arms n held her left leg tightly, she got nervous. The nurse then injected her left thigh, n Hannah's leg immediately when stiff, n then she cried.

The nurse took this opportunity to pop a drop of something for polio into Hannah's mouth. She didn't really cry for long though. Soon after the blood has dried out, Hannah was back on her feet. Her next injection would be when she's 7 years old, or Standard 1.

When we got home, she fell asleep a few minutes later. When she woke up, her left thigh was a bit stiff n her temperature was up. Hannah got a fever, n she cried, cried n cried... She couldn't walk much bcoz her leg was hurt. Poor Hannah... But by night, she was a bit ok, her fever was down a bit n she ate her medicine.

Today, Hannah is still having a fever, but I guess she will soon fully recover, coz my baby girl is a tough girl!!! ^_^

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Eidul Adha~!!

I juz wanna wish to every Muslim in Malaysia n around the world:

HePi EiDul AdHa~!!!!! ^_^

In this celebrative moment, let's help the poor..n try to apologise n forgive among your family n loved ones.

I sincerely apologise if I've done any mistakes to you..

Enjoy the celebration!!! >_^

Monday, November 15, 2010

Doing Revision for Exams

Sori that I can't always online nowadays.. I have my final exams coming up next week, from 23rd Nov till 29th November 2010. So...I'm quite busy doing revision.. So, hope my precious followers are not that much disappointed that I've not updated my blog much this week n the next.

I'll try to update if I can. hehe.. Ok now, gotta go.. Catch ya later! ^_^

Friday, November 12, 2010

Scones Recipe

I juz made scones yesterday for tea. Scones are small British round cakes which comes from Scotland. Of course, I got to know about them & 1st ate them when I used to live in Scotland years ago.

Scones are so easy to bake, plus they use simple ingredients with no eggs at all. They are usually eaten during tea time or even at breakfast.

Let me share a recipe of it which I have altered a bit.


* 225g / 8 oz  self-raising flour
* 2.5ml / ½  tsp salt
* 50g / 2 oz butter
* 50g / 2 oz caster sugar
* 125ml / 4 fl oz milk
* 75g sultanas or raisins
* extra milk for brushing

1) Place flour, salt & butter in the processor bowl & process for 10 seconds, until the mixture resembles fine bread crumbs.

2) Add the sugar & mix together for 5 seconds.

3) With the machine still running, pour enough milk to give a soft dough.

4) Next, pour in the raisins or sultanas.

5) Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured board & roll out into 2cm thick.

6) Cut out 12 rounds (or more), using a 5cm (2") cutter (or a any round cutter of your choice). Brush tops with milk.

7) Place on a greased baking tray & bake in the centre of the oven at 220°C / 425°F for 12 minutes, or until golden brown & well-risen.

8) Cool on a wire rack.

Scones are usually eaten with jam n cream. But my family eat scones with jam n vanilla ice cream. ^_^ You should seriously try this recipe.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Barbie Loves Salabianca

I used to be a fan of Barbie dolls when I was a little girl, but as time passed by, my Barbie dolls were replaced with many, many storybooks. Now, my lil sis Ijah is still a #1 fan of the doll. At 15, she still buys n plays with Barbie!!

Recently, Salabianca, a Malaysian fashion label, teamed up with Barbie (Mattel Malaysia) to come up with a little black dress (LBD) collection for Barbie. Before this, Barbie has been dressed by many noted fashion labels & designers: Armani, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Burberry, Versace, Vera Wang n many more. Now it's Salabianca's turn!! ^_^

Besides making LBDs for Barbie dolls, there are 12 human-size LBDs that are identical with the Barbie dresses, only in different sizes n fabric. The dresses are available in Salabianca stores nationwide.

Can u spot the doll?
 Ijah herself bought a "Barbie loves Salabianca" doll. Hihi.. ^_^ She bought it at RM79.90, which is quite affordable for a colletion item.

This is the Barbie doll my sis bought

In The Star newspaper on Thursday, 28th October 2010, there was an article about "Barbie loves Salabianca". Plus, there was a cut-out coupon where Barbie fans can get a "Barbie loves Salabianca" 2011 calendar for free at Salabianca boutique stores!! (no purchase required)

The "Barbie loves Salabianca" 2011 calendar
 Thus, my kind-hearted bro, Ayep, went to get the calendar for Ijah at Mid Valley Megamall, since he was going out there with his frens. The salesgirl said there are still many calendars left, so if you would like to get that limited calendar, better go check The Star of 28th October 2010, if you usually purchase it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Last Day of the Sem - Part II~!!

Make way, make way~... Here come more pics on the steamboat luncheon!!! ^_^

Depressed face
Bitchy face
Bitchy face (2)
Seducing face
Seducing face (2)
Ugly face

Saw hot guy face

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Day of the Sem~!!

Yesterday, my coursemates & I went out for a class lunch to celebrate the end of this sem. We went to eat a BBQ steamboat buffet at Seoul Garden, Plaza Pantai, KL. (near to UM, beside the Kerinchi LRT station).

We had a reaaaaally good time there! ^_^ We paid the student price of RM25.20. If not, the adult price would be RM40++. *_* So, if you're a student n you wanna eat here, you'd better bring along your matric card.

Before stuffing our faces with food

It was an all-you-can-eat buffet~... We sat there for 2 hours, munching away.. I ate seafood, beef, meat (all these were to be cooked ourselves), green veggiesfruits, jellies, kimchi & of course ice-cream!! ^_^ This is my 1st time eating kimchi. It has a weird taste, but it's ok. >_^

This is the pot where we put in the seafood, the soup can be tomyam or chicken curry or anything you like

We BBQ the meat while waiting for the seafood to cook

Bon appetit!!!

We ate till our stomachs were about to burst!! Many of us were always saying "I'm full" & "I can't eat anymore", but we still kept eating anyway~..."^_^ Maybe coz we're food lovers! >_<

To make things worse, the waiter always came to refill our pot of soup. It's like he's never gonna let us leave. He wants to make us all fat & plump, so that he can eat us in the end! (hehe...influenced by Hansel & Gretel, obviously~..)

We've finally stopped eating

It has been so much fun! I hope that my class will do more luncheons like this next sem!

Well, to all of my classmates, see you in the exam hall!! ^_^ I really am welcoming these 3 weeks of holidays before the exam... N to top things more, I've juz bought a new hp, hooray~!! After much agony being a phoneless girl lady person for nearly 2 months, now I can call n SMS Hubby n my frens! >_< My old phone is broken & still isn't ok after being repaired. "-_-

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A lot of Shakespeare, a little bit of Romeo & Juliet

Like I've said before on Monday, my group had to a presentation on Shakespearean Language + a scene of the famous Romeo & Juliet play (Act III, Scene V). Ma Lan n Min Yao did the powerpoint presentation, while Sheila played Romeo, I played Juliet & Aasha was the nurse. See us in this video below, click here. (Fyi, I still haven't watched it myself! Too afraid~!! T_T)

OK, now for pics...(as requested by my dear fren Syud). These pics are courtesy of Aasha n Voon.

Sheila, Min Yao, Aasha n me (Ma Lan snapping the pic)

Me & Aasha

Now you can see that I'm wearing the dress-like abaya that I've mentioned on Monday. The dress Aasha brought for me was a little too sexy, so we juz decided I continued wearing the abaya.

Focus on the ring plz!! ^_^
 All the accessories I'm wearing are Aasha's: the necklaces, the fan + the lovely pink ring! Yeah, do take a close look at the ring I'm wearing. It's super duper lovely~!! N to top that, Aasha kindly said that I can have it, the ring she bought from Iran!! Owh, Aasha, you're such a sweet cake! ^_^ Thanks a bunch!!!

Dr Amitav n my classmates

These are the rest of my classmates for the Language Evolution class. We had a great time laughing n having fun last Monday, our last Evo class, mind you. N we will sure miss Dr Amitav teaching us! ^_^

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nuffnang newbie~..

Yup, although I've started this blog months ago..but I didn't know I thing about Nuffnang. When I visit frens' n other people's blogs, they all have this "Nuffnang" thingie. What is it exactly? soothe my curiosity, today I went to Nuffnang's website n learnt what I've been missing all this while. "-_- I could've earned more $ if I had joined Nuffnang months ago. Owh well...

Therefore, I'm officially a Nuffnanger. Yeay~!! ^_^ (applause, plz, applause...)

To all those senior members, plz assist me if I have any Nuffnang probs in future. Thnx!! >_^

A special thanks to:

for giving me the inspiration to be a Nuffnanger!! ^_^

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Not-so Typical Day~...

How absent-minded I am today. I've forgotten to bring my student matric card + my student rapidpass TouchN'Go card. "-_- So I'll be wasting RM7 worth of money juz on bus fares today~... I can't even hop on the UM shuttle bus F.O.C w/out my matric card.

I guess I'm juz nervous...coz this afternoon, I'll be playing Juliet in "Romeo & Juliet". "^_^ 2 of my classmates n I will only be playing one scene from the play, while another 2 friends will be presenting the Powerpoint slides on Shakespearean Language.

Right now I'm wearing an abaya that sort of looks like a dress, with a shawl. Yeah, maybe it's not the right costume for Juliet, but where can I get an Elizabethan dress?? My fren Aasha said she has a dress for me. Let's juz see if it's better than this abaya...n if it fits me! "^_^ Hehe..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Out to Subang Parade~...

This morning, I went out with Ummi (my mom), my lil sis Ijah, my lil bro Aslam n of course my cute baby Hannah. We went to Subang Parade.

First, we headed to Parkson, bcoz Aslam wanted to buy Lego to add to his big collection of it. I bought a toy for Hannah, a shape sorter. If you don't know what it is, take a look at the pic below - although that's not the exact toy that I bought, but I juz wanted you to get the idea of how this toy generally looks like.

This is what a shape sorter toy looks like

Embarassingly, this is the 1st toy that I have ever bought with my own money. Previously, Hubby would be the one to buy toys for Hannah. But we didn't have to buy that many toys, coz there are loads of toys that used to belong to my siblings, now they're all Hannah's, hihi.. XP

Next, Ummi went for a facial treatment at Clarins, while the remaining us went to MPH bookstore to read some books n magz there.

Later, we all went to KFC for lunch, using the discount vouchers that we got. So, we ate n drank 10 pcs of chicken, 2 small-sized coleslaw, 2 small-sized mashed potatoes, 2 cheesy wedges n 4 carbonated drinks...for only RM40.10. ^_^

Then, we got into the car n headed to KLIA to fetch Ayah (my dad) who's juz flewn back here from Sabah. We went home after that.

Well, that's pretty much what happened today. Tomorrow, my newly-wed cousin n his wife are coming over for lunch. That means I have to wake early tomorrow, bcoz this house is a total mess!! >_^

Btw, speaking of Hubby earlier, I reaaaallly miss him! Huhu~... T_T Luv u Hubby!!

P/s - I've juz noticed that I have 13 followers now!! I'm so hepi!!! ^_^ Hihi..

Monday, October 18, 2010

Introducing...Baby Hannah Husna!!

Her most recent pic

Full name: Nur Hannah Husna binti Mohd Faizal
D.O.B.: 23rd April 2009 ( easy to remember! ^_^)
P.O.B: University of Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Age: 1 year & 5 months
i) Hannah (general nickname, also teh name that my family & relatives call her)
ii) Husna (special nickname that's only used by Hubby & I)
iii) Yuna (the nickname that Hubby's side of the family call her)

--> Baby Hannah loves playing with brick toys such as Lego & Duplo.

--> She likes playing with water! If she sees anyone washing the car or watering the plants, she'll join in, not to help, but to play! ^_^ Hubby & I like bringing her to the water park at KLCC. She loves playing there. Once, she was the only one crawling around in the water, all the other children were bigger than her as she was still young at that time. Here's the proof:

--> Consequently, she loves bath time as well. She has her own bathtub and she can be in it for a long time - playing with bubbles, her rubber ducky & other toys. Occasionally, we bring out her bathtub on the front porch or the back lawn so that she can bath outdoors.

--> Baby Hannah is totally obsessed with raisins!! She'll eat n eat n eat if we don't stop her. 

--> She likes cats, thus she loves playing with Mitten. Plus, Baby Hannah has a very cute way of saying "meow". >_^

--> She can call 'Papa' (Hubby), 'Atok' (my dad @ her grandpa), 'Nan' (my mom @ her grandma), 'Ijah' (my sis @ her auntie), 'Acam' (my lil bro @ her uncle)..but she still can't call 'Ibu' (that's me).. T_T

--> Baby Hannah loves the outdoors & going for walks. If she brings her shoes to you, then that's an obvious sign!

--> She likes playing on the table. I juz don't know why~...

--> My daughter really hates cicak (geckos)...she's afraid of them! One day last week, she killed a baby gecko using a long stick! XP

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bus poem

Newsflash!! I accidentally fell down this morning when I was walking to the faculty while reading the newspaper. T_T Who's to be blamed?? Well... Blame myself for not looking where I'm going! And...Blame the hole in the pavement! Hahaha.. >_< My knee bled, but now the blood has dried out, but still, it stings.

Anyway, so here's a poem I composed while waiting for the bus the previous Monday.

The Typical Malaysian Bus

Bus, O, The red-and-white bus
I have been with you
since I started becoming an undergraduate
Sometimes you come early
Yet many times you have arrived late
Now I have been waiting for ten minutes

Bus, O, the two-door bus
The main transport I use
to get to the university
The only transport I use
to go home after classes
There are many modes of transport
Yet I still chose you form all those choices
Although I've been waiting for thirty minutes

Bus, O, The fashionably late bus
You have seen me in many ways
During my solo days
My married days
And even my pregnant days
I have been loyal and very patient
Even though I've been waiting for forty-five minutes

Bus, O, The typical Malaysian bus
Why can't you be like your friends?
Your friends from other countries
They arrive every ten to fifteen minutes
Waiting for them is like a breeze
I really do hope you would come soon
I don't want to wait
till I can see the moon
Currently I've been waiting for one hour!

Created by: Nisa' Azman
11th October 2010

* * *

To Syud & Umie: I will make those poems as requested after the exams, OK?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weddings + birth!!

--During the weekend that has previously passed by, 2 of my cousins got married. 1 on Saturday, the other on Sunday night. When I was still single, I used to help out n be the bunga telur girl (the person who gives out souvenirs to guests) with my other cousins. But nowadays, my sister n other younger relatives do that, I just come & eat! Hihi.. >_^

--The pics that I have are only of my cousin Hafiz's wedding (taken from a cousin's Facebook). XP I don't have any pics of my other cousin Wana's wedding.

The couple with the bridegroom's parents

With my parents ^_^

Guests can leave a note of congrats in this book
My baby Hannah with my lil sis Ijah & niece Naqia
The pretty sisters of the bridegroom on both sides of my cousin

--Who gave birth on 10-10-10? Well, my cat did. Actually, Mitten is a stray cat who wandered into our house for food. After some time, she eventually 'lived' here. She got her name 'Mitten' coz she's a black cat but her paws are all white, like she's wearing cute little gloves! >_<

--I saw the whole process of the birth (can u actually watch it?). She now has 4 cute & adorable kittens. We have yet to name them.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Belated September poem~

I know it's now October, but I lost the piece of paper on which I wrote the poem below, only juz now I found it in my drawer, haha!!

My September

September, September
The month to remember

The month of which
my husband and I were born
I was born on the first
My husband was on the twenty-seventh.

The bright blue Sapphire
is the gem of September
The month which is always
associated with nine
It is such a beautiful month,
It is simply divine

September, September
You will be in my memories,
forever and ever.

Created by: Nisa' Azman
on 6th September 2010