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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Day of the Sem~!!

Yesterday, my coursemates & I went out for a class lunch to celebrate the end of this sem. We went to eat a BBQ steamboat buffet at Seoul Garden, Plaza Pantai, KL. (near to UM, beside the Kerinchi LRT station).

We had a reaaaaally good time there! ^_^ We paid the student price of RM25.20. If not, the adult price would be RM40++. *_* So, if you're a student n you wanna eat here, you'd better bring along your matric card.

Before stuffing our faces with food

It was an all-you-can-eat buffet~... We sat there for 2 hours, munching away.. I ate seafood, beef, meat (all these were to be cooked ourselves), green veggiesfruits, jellies, kimchi & of course ice-cream!! ^_^ This is my 1st time eating kimchi. It has a weird taste, but it's ok. >_^

This is the pot where we put in the seafood, the soup can be tomyam or chicken curry or anything you like

We BBQ the meat while waiting for the seafood to cook

Bon appetit!!!

We ate till our stomachs were about to burst!! Many of us were always saying "I'm full" & "I can't eat anymore", but we still kept eating anyway~..."^_^ Maybe coz we're food lovers! >_<

To make things worse, the waiter always came to refill our pot of soup. It's like he's never gonna let us leave. He wants to make us all fat & plump, so that he can eat us in the end! (hehe...influenced by Hansel & Gretel, obviously~..)

We've finally stopped eating

It has been so much fun! I hope that my class will do more luncheons like this next sem!

Well, to all of my classmates, see you in the exam hall!! ^_^ I really am welcoming these 3 weeks of holidays before the exam... N to top things more, I've juz bought a new hp, hooray~!! After much agony being a phoneless girl lady person for nearly 2 months, now I can call n SMS Hubby n my frens! >_< My old phone is broken & still isn't ok after being repaired. "-_-

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