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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weddings + birth!!

--During the weekend that has previously passed by, 2 of my cousins got married. 1 on Saturday, the other on Sunday night. When I was still single, I used to help out n be the bunga telur girl (the person who gives out souvenirs to guests) with my other cousins. But nowadays, my sister n other younger relatives do that, I just come & eat! Hihi.. >_^

--The pics that I have are only of my cousin Hafiz's wedding (taken from a cousin's Facebook). XP I don't have any pics of my other cousin Wana's wedding.

The couple with the bridegroom's parents

With my parents ^_^

Guests can leave a note of congrats in this book
My baby Hannah with my lil sis Ijah & niece Naqia
The pretty sisters of the bridegroom on both sides of my cousin

--Who gave birth on 10-10-10? Well, my cat did. Actually, Mitten is a stray cat who wandered into our house for food. After some time, she eventually 'lived' here. She got her name 'Mitten' coz she's a black cat but her paws are all white, like she's wearing cute little gloves! >_<

--I saw the whole process of the birth (can u actually watch it?). She now has 4 cute & adorable kittens. We have yet to name them.

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