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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nuffnang newbie~..

Yup, although I've started this blog months ago..but I didn't know I thing about Nuffnang. When I visit frens' n other people's blogs, they all have this "Nuffnang" thingie. What is it exactly? soothe my curiosity, today I went to Nuffnang's website n learnt what I've been missing all this while. "-_- I could've earned more $ if I had joined Nuffnang months ago. Owh well...

Therefore, I'm officially a Nuffnanger. Yeay~!! ^_^ (applause, plz, applause...)

To all those senior members, plz assist me if I have any Nuffnang probs in future. Thnx!! >_^

A special thanks to:

for giving me the inspiration to be a Nuffnanger!! ^_^


Syuhadah Mansor said...

kita tahu dh lama tp xreti cmne nak buat..haha..same2 la kita mengumpul duit dr nuffnang k..hehe

Nisa' Azman said...

ok...!!! *dgn nada b'semangat