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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I own, then I lost but I won again!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Anyone confused wif the title? Let me explain then, hehe..

I was actually one of the 2 winners of Butterfly Pillow Giveaway (Giveaway #17) by MieVee of Mummy's Reviews. (Click here for the GA results)

MieVee gave a deadline of 7 days for winners to email their details. When I came back from my nearly one month holiday, I quickly sent my details.

Sadly, MieVee told me that since I emailed after the deadline, a replacement winner has been chosen. Huhu~...

However, the replacement winner didn't email his/her deatils in the required time limit. Therefore, I became the winner once more! Yippee~!!!! ^_^

MieVee informed me that Spinkie, the sponsor for the giveaway, has asked me to post pics & hopefully write something about my experience using their product. For sure I will snap pics & make an entry about it, hehe...
The Butterfly Pillow - Infant to Adult Head & Neck Support in Citron Giraffe Garden
I'll be getting the "Cotton Giraffe Garden" butterfly pillow

Till then, thanks a bunch for reading & happy blogging~!!!

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Upin & Ipin @ Selangor Book Fair 2011

Salam n hye everyone~!!!

This is a little bit of continuation to my previous entry. Hehe..

So...earlier I said that I saw 2 famous Malaysian stars at the Selangor Book Fair 2011. It was Upin & Ipin!!!! >_<

There were a lot of activities done by Upin & Ipin and the 2 hosts. They did a "Chicken Dance" activity, a blowing ballons competition, an activity where the kids had to imitate voices of some famous characters in the cartoon & so much more!The Selangor Book Fair at SACC Conevention Centre will be held until 3 July 2011. If you're anywhere near Shah Alam, do come to the book fair! There's loads of books offered at special promotional prices!!

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Out to UM, Mid Valley & SACC Convention Centre

Salam n hye everyone~!!!

Yesterday (28 June 2011), I went out to those 3 places as seen in the title post. Why? Well, let me tell you about it then.

I went to UM at around 9 am to meet my lecturer. I had something to discuss with her about an exam paper that I am supposed to take next month. Unfornately, she wasn't in. I waited until nearly 11 am, but there was still no sign of her.

Why didn't I phone her, you may ask? Well, my hp's broke. Hubby has promised that I'll be getting a new hp in a few more weeks' time. He's currently working outstation, in Terengganu for 2 weeks. Huhu~...

So, I then went to Mid Valley Megamall. I came there juz to redeem the tote bag from GNC Live Well. (Have you redeemed your goodie bag?)

I also bought a GNC Women's Ultra Mega supplement. It was on offer for 50% discount, exclusively for the first 5,000 fans of GNC's Facebook page.. So, there goes my hard-earned money... At least I bought something that will do good to my health, hehe..

Rated as the bestseller
Before discount: RM127.90
After discount: RM63.95

The supplement is actually a dietary supplement. It has all sorts of vitamins, fibre, iron etc that we may have not taken in our consumption of food. (Yeah, I know, as a junk food lover, I should be having supplements like this)

Next, I went straight back to Shah Alam. Bought some stuff at the Giant supermarket in SACC Mall, then I went to the Selangor Book Fair held at SACC Conevention Centre.

I saw 2 famous Malaysian stars at the book fair!! Wanna know who they are? Stay tuned for the next post. ^_^

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Bought something from Dura Fashion

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Remember that I've mentioned about receiving a RM10 gift voucher from Dura Fashion...bcoz I participated in their May Giveaway. (Click here if u forgot..hehe..)

Dura Fashion opened a booth at Subang Parade 25-26 June 2011. Yesterday, I went to the shopping mall along wif Hannah & my family. I decided to perise the voucher given, hehe..

Their booth was opposite Sasa. After much browsing the shawls, innerscarves & brooches available, I bought a black neck innerscarf.

here's the one I bought

It's actually called "Sahara Inner Covered Neck"

Finally, I've achieved buying a neck-covered inner that I've always wanted. You should try shopping at Dura Fashion. There are a lot of pretty shawls for sale. ^_^

Till the, thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

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My second win in Kak Fieda's GAs

Salam n hye everyone~!!!

Who knew I would win in another GA of Kak Fieda's, after I juz won in her previous GA. Thanks to IntanBerlian who informed me about the win.

Click pic for winner announcement

Kak Fieda generously wanted to give prizes to participants whose lucky number are 16 & 22 (the dates that are related to Kak Fieda & Maira's b'days).

So...I'm one of the lucky winner!!! Hehe..

A BIG THANKS for Kak Fieda for picking me as the winner. Can't wait to receive the prizes that I won in 2 of her GAs... >_<

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Generous bloggers~...

Salam n hye everyone~!!!

I really love it when other people mention me in their blogs. (if it's for a good cause, of course).

Recently, I have given out awards (whoa, sounds kinda official pulak, hehe..) to a few blogger frens. Cute Mum, IntanBerlian & Kak Nida have kindly expressed their gratitude of receiving the award in their blogs.

* Cute Mum - Yea! Yea! Dapat AWARD..
* Ina - Thanks to Greennn Inspiration for the award..!!
* Kak Nida - Sepuluh Hari Bagaikan Sesaat

One of the winners of my "Vote & Win" Lucky Draw was generous enough to mention her wins. I'm glad that shidasyakirin was thrilled about winning the small lucky draw that I organised. ^_^

* shidasyakirinWon "Vote & Win" Lucky Draw

Thanks so much for mentioning me (a not very popular blogger) in your blog. I really, really appreciate it!!! Love all of you~!!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Is it hard to load to my blog?

Salam n hye everyone~!!


Juz wanted to ask you something...

Do u find it hard/slow to load to my blog?

Does the loading time takes more than a few minutes? Does it happen everytime you come to this blog?

I really need to know, hope you can help me by answering the questions. ">_<

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, then I think it's time to do a little make over for this blog. Huhu~..

Till then, happy blogging~!!!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Michael Jackson - The King of Pop

Salam n hye everyone~!!!

Today is the 2nd anniversary of Michael Jackson's untimely death. As a fan, I'm so hepi & proud that he has converted to Islam before he died. His Islamic name is Mikaeel.

Radio channels today are playing song after song of Michael's. My family and I are BIG fans of Michael, we've been listening to the radio all day long. Hihi~...

Tonight there will be something special at 8TV, "Michael Jackson's This Is It". Yes, 8TV is going to show the movie. "This Is It" the movie is about the rehearsals, the highlights and the behind-the-scenes clips of the concert that Michael was to perform in London.

I am definitely gonna be glued to the TV tonite. The movie starts at 10.30pm. See ya later~!!!

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!!! >_<

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Friday, June 24, 2011

My fren's wedding~...

Salam n hye everyone~!!

panda luv

Recently, I received a wedding invitation via post. Who knew that my fren from matriculation college was going to get married!!

Aida & I were frens at KMNS (Kolej Matrikulasi N.Sembilan) of the 2006/2007 session. We were also floormates as her room was opposite mine. But we haven't contacted each other much after finishing our studies at KMNS. That's why I was kinda surprised when I first received her wedding card, hehe.. XP

Her wedding card is cute! Don't you think so? >_<

I still dunno if I'm able to attend the wedding that's on 3 July 2011. It's waaaaaay over at Kulai, Johor. Huhu~.. So very far away lah..

I'm sori, Aida, if I can't come, huhu~... Plz don't be mad, ok? Want to generate money with blogging?
I would like to congratulate Aida on her wedding. May you & ur new hubby-to-be will cherish each other for life. Amiiiiin..

Aida wif her hubby-to-be
I'm really hepi for my fren.^_^ Here are some pics of us together at KMNS...

Me (far left), Aida (second from the right)

I'm in black, Aida's in orange

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bite-sized Chocolate Muffins~..

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Yesterday, I mentioned about going to bake something. My sweet tooth had been craving for something chocolatey lately. But I wasn't really in the mood to bake a new recipe. So I baked bite-sized chocolate muffins that I knew of, hehe.. ^_^

Here's a recipe of the yummy choc muffins. It's actually taken from one of Ummi's recipe book, but I've altered the recipe a bit, hihi~..

(Bite-sized) Chocolate Muffins

* 125g / 4 oz butter, softened
½ cup /125g / 4 oz sugar
* 2 eggs, lightly beaten
* 2 cups / 250g / 8 oz self-raising flour
¼ cup / 30g / 1 oz cocoa powder, sifted
* 155g / 5 oz chocolate chips, or chopped bits from a chocolate bar
¾ cup / 185ml / 6 fl oz buttermilk or milk

1) Beat butter & sugar until light & fluffy. Gradually beat in eggs.

2) Combine flour & cocoa powder. Mix the flour mixture & milk into the butter mixture.

3) Then add the chocolate chips or chocolate bar bits into the mixture.

4) Spoon the mixture into a muffin tray. (I used a 12-pc muffin tray, you can also use a 6-pc muffin tray with 1 cup / 250g measurements).

5) Bake at an oven temperature of 180°C / 350°F for 10-15 mins (12-pc muffin tray) or 30-35mins (6-pc muffin tray or until the muffins are cooked when tested wif a skewer.

6) Cool on a wire rack. Best to be served warm.

Below are pics I snapped of the muffins I made. I baked 5 trays, so that means I baked 60 choc muffins in total. XP

the 12-pc muffin tray(s) that I used

cooling them on a wire rack

baking them in this small oven

I wanted to use the kitchen oven, but it was faulty..
(better get it repaired before Eid comes, hehe..)

Tada!!! Yummylicious, don't you think?

See how tiny they are?
That's why I called them "bite-sized" muffins, hehe..
Hannah enjoying her mom's muffins.. ^_^

Feel free to try out this recipe for yourself. Muffins are so eay to make, plus they're delicious too!! XP

Till then, happy baking + blogging~!!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Especially for IntanBerlian & Kak Nida

Salam n hye everyone~!!

I am one person who truly appreciate frens.. It doesn't even matter if they are online or blogger frens, I appreciate the frenship as a real fren should.

I awfully appreciate the efforts done by IntanBerlian a.k.a Ina who has helped by informing me on CGLs that I have won.

I also appreciate & cherish the frenship that has juz blossomed between Kak Nida & I. FYI, we got closer bcoz of CGL, hehe...

Wif that, I present this award to Ina & Kak Nida as a token of our online frenship. Hope u'll like it~!! "^_^

Till then, happy blogging~!!! >_<

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