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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Not-so Typical Day~...

How absent-minded I am today. I've forgotten to bring my student matric card + my student rapidpass TouchN'Go card. "-_- So I'll be wasting RM7 worth of money juz on bus fares today~... I can't even hop on the UM shuttle bus F.O.C w/out my matric card.

I guess I'm juz nervous...coz this afternoon, I'll be playing Juliet in "Romeo & Juliet". "^_^ 2 of my classmates n I will only be playing one scene from the play, while another 2 friends will be presenting the Powerpoint slides on Shakespearean Language.

Right now I'm wearing an abaya that sort of looks like a dress, with a shawl. Yeah, maybe it's not the right costume for Juliet, but where can I get an Elizabethan dress?? My fren Aasha said she has a dress for me. Let's juz see if it's better than this abaya...n if it fits me! "^_^ Hehe..


Syuhadah Mansor said...

wah..wah..juliet ye..kat ukm nak naik bus tak yah tunjuk kad matrik..ramai je mamat indon kerja kontrak naik bus ukm..haha..poor u nisa', lain kali simpan je dlm bag so mang xpayah nak ingat dah..hehe

p/s: put more pictures of yourself please..lg2 time jd juliet tu k..hehe

Nisa' Azman said...

kite jd juliet yg xlawa la..huhu..
bas UM kne tnjuk kad woo.. Mat2 indon xleh naik sembarangan, diorg tue naik bas rapid aje..haha..

More pics of me? well, syud nie cam xtau je kite nie low profile, xsuke amik pic. Tp ade pic kite jd Juliet, tgh tggu kwn upload kn kat FB. Tggu ye~.. >_^