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Monday, January 31, 2011

Contest Anakku Sayang, Anakku Riang Bersama Little Fingers

A contest for Baby Hannah to join... It's by EB, n it ends by the end of February 2011.

Now, here's the pic of Baby Hannah that I like the most, so far.. ^_^

Baby's name: Nur Hannah Husna Mohd Faizal
Age: 1 year & 9 months old
Mother's name: Khairunnisa' Mohd Azman

I think EB works as a professional designer.. hihi..

I'm gonna tag:

Come join my contest!!!


Okay... Nuffnang was a "yesterday" issue.. Now, bloggers are talking bout Heartbeat.. What is it?

Well, it's a personalised gift concept store, where u can create n design ur own gifts!! And yes, this is a local company. By affiliating with HB, u can post ads & get money at the same time!! ^_^ ( a bit like Nuffnang..)

I've been invited by Cute Mum to join this, n I've also been inspired by Nadiah too. So let's all join HB & generate free money~... >_^

--P/s: To all HB & Nuffnang members who come visit my blog, could u plz click on my ads? I'll click yours in return~.. Thanks!! ^_^

Monday, January 24, 2011

No Participants Yet??!

Huhu~.. I'm really sad. Wanna know why? Coz nobody has yet entered my contest. I guess maybe the contest rules are hard to follow..or maybe the prizes are not so awesome. But since this is my 1st ever attempt of making my very own blog contest, I did expect this prob of no participants.. 

Well, perhaps I should advertise this contest, hihi.. >_^ Nway, if there are still no participants by the end of this week, I'll maybe think about advertising my contest in other blogs n extend the dateline.

--hoping against hope that people will be interested in joining my contest~~~!!! >_<

Friday, January 21, 2011

Family Day Out~..saw Iqram Dinzly & Intan Ladyana!!

Yesterday was Thaipusam. My family took this opportunity to go out jogging at Lake Garden (a.k.a Taman Tasik Perdana) in the morning. After an hour or so jogging there, we went to eat some ice cream.

Later, we went to Laman Seri Business Park at Sect 13, Shah Alam, to grab a bite at Killiney Kopitiam & Ban-J.

Killiney Kopitiam

This is what I ate: Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken
Unexpectedly, there was a shooting at both outlets. Guess who was there? Iqram Dinzly (wearing a purple shirt) & Intan Ladyana (I can't remember what she wore...)~!! The set was probably done there bcoz I heard that Intan Ladyana goes to the Old Blossom Box Store (which was situated close enough) for clothes & accessories for shootings n stuff.

The well-known dashing Iqram Dinzly

Here's Intan Ladyana sporting an OBB dress

Jezmine Blossom a.k.a Jezmine Zaidan, owner of The Old Blossom Box Store (OBB)
Shila OIAM, another celebrity who also loves going to OBB for clothes
 I have yet to go shopping at OBB.. But I will do so if I can, hihi~... My dear fren, Cia, loves OBB & is a good fren of Jezmine.

--Note: all the pics in this entry are taken from Google.

Aku Rindu Sayang Kamu Giveaway

 This giveaway contest is by MamaZakwan, in conjunction with her 11th wedding anniversary.

To MamaZakwan: Hepi 11th Anniversary~!!! ^_^

The contest ends 12th February 2011, still weeks more if u are keen to enter. Juz click on the pic, ok? The announcement of the winners will most likely be on 16 Februari 2011. ^_^

Monday, January 17, 2011

An Early 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Actually, my 3rd wedding anniversary is on 24th January 2011. But, I got a huge SURPRISE from dear Hubby who came to KL last Thursday, juz to see me & celebrate our anniversary. He decided to celebrate it early as he might be busy during the real date of our anniversary.

We stayed at a hotel in KL for 3 nights. Baby Hannah was left at Ummi's house, as we wanted to spend time together, juz the two of us. ^_^ Hubby was so generous to spend his hard earned money for this special occasion. He bought for me a white charm bracelet & a purple shirt. Hubby didn't forget his little daughter, so he also bought stuff for her: a pair of BUM shoes, a pair of slippers with cute yellow ducks, plus a stripey pink shirt. I insisted that Hubby should also buy things for him too, so I chose a pair of white-coffee Camel shoes for him, while he bought a stripey purple t-shirt, to match with my purple one.

To many couples, I suppose, they would celebrate anniversaries in lavish restaurants and the such. But for us, we're quite okay dining at simple eateries. We dined at several places during the 4 days, at the typical fast-food restaurants, at mamak stalls, and even at a food court. I guess that since I'm not working (as I'm still studying) & Hubby's salary is enough for us lead a simple & happy life, we had to dine at those typical & reasonably priced eateries. I do desire very much to eat in an expensive restaurant one day, but that will have to wait. >_^

For me, this is the best anniversary celebration so far! I had a great time, enjoyable plus romantic too. We plan to go to Genting some time this year, with Baby Hannah of course. I hope we can get to go there, so I'll pray very hard then! >_< Hihi..

*P/s: Sori for the lack of pics, we still haven't bought a camera.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Updates on myself
Sori for not blogging for awhile. Baby Hannah & I are now back at Shah Alam, although a little late. I missed 2 days of classes (Mon & Tues), bcoz I lost my 31st Dec 2010 bus ticket, n could only go back to Shah Alam on Tues as tickets were sold out. Hubby didn't come along as he has work to do in Kelantan.
Usually it takes around 7-8 hours to go from Kelantan to Shah Alam by bus. But on the previous Tuesday, the journey was longer than ever. When we reached KL, there was a terrible traffic jam at Federal Highway. We were stuck in the jam for 3 hours!! "-_-
We finally arrived at the Sect 17 bus station at  nearly 10 p.m. Luckily Ayah was patient enough waiting for Baby Hannah & I there.

Right now I'm blogging from UM. I've juz settled my timetable & course subjects, so I hope there won't be any more problems about that part. I have classes from Monday till Thursday, Friday is a free-class day for me. >_^

My exam results for the previous sem (Sem 1, 2010/2011) is very unexpected. I know I did quite well in the exams, but there were still doubts that I juz didn't do well enough. Do u wanna know what my results are? I got a whooping 3.85 pointer, with 2As & 3A-s.... I'm not intending to brag or boast, but I juz feel so proud of myself! This is the 1st time I got a really outstanding result!! ^_^ Usually I would get around 3.0 - 3.5, but this time, it's simply too good to be true~!!!

Memo to self: "Nisa, congrats! U must have more confidence in yourself. Ganbatte ne~, Nisa-chan!! ^_^

Updates on others
My sis, Ijah, did a great job in the recent PMR exam last year. She got 9As, the 1st person to get straight As for PMR in the family. I'm so proud of her.. (I only got 7As back then, huhu~..) She's now in Form 4 - Science stream at her school, but she's also waiting if there are any replies from the boarding schools.

-- P.S - I would like to wish everyone a "Happy New Year"~... >_<