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Monday, November 8, 2010

Barbie Loves Salabianca

I used to be a fan of Barbie dolls when I was a little girl, but as time passed by, my Barbie dolls were replaced with many, many storybooks. Now, my lil sis Ijah is still a #1 fan of the doll. At 15, she still buys n plays with Barbie!!

Recently, Salabianca, a Malaysian fashion label, teamed up with Barbie (Mattel Malaysia) to come up with a little black dress (LBD) collection for Barbie. Before this, Barbie has been dressed by many noted fashion labels & designers: Armani, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Burberry, Versace, Vera Wang n many more. Now it's Salabianca's turn!! ^_^

Besides making LBDs for Barbie dolls, there are 12 human-size LBDs that are identical with the Barbie dresses, only in different sizes n fabric. The dresses are available in Salabianca stores nationwide.

Can u spot the doll?
 Ijah herself bought a "Barbie loves Salabianca" doll. Hihi.. ^_^ She bought it at RM79.90, which is quite affordable for a colletion item.

This is the Barbie doll my sis bought

In The Star newspaper on Thursday, 28th October 2010, there was an article about "Barbie loves Salabianca". Plus, there was a cut-out coupon where Barbie fans can get a "Barbie loves Salabianca" 2011 calendar for free at Salabianca boutique stores!! (no purchase required)

The "Barbie loves Salabianca" 2011 calendar
 Thus, my kind-hearted bro, Ayep, went to get the calendar for Ijah at Mid Valley Megamall, since he was going out there with his frens. The salesgirl said there are still many calendars left, so if you would like to get that limited calendar, better go check The Star of 28th October 2010, if you usually purchase it.

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