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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Out to Subang Parade~...

This morning, I went out with Ummi (my mom), my lil sis Ijah, my lil bro Aslam n of course my cute baby Hannah. We went to Subang Parade.

First, we headed to Parkson, bcoz Aslam wanted to buy Lego to add to his big collection of it. I bought a toy for Hannah, a shape sorter. If you don't know what it is, take a look at the pic below - although that's not the exact toy that I bought, but I juz wanted you to get the idea of how this toy generally looks like.

This is what a shape sorter toy looks like

Embarassingly, this is the 1st toy that I have ever bought with my own money. Previously, Hubby would be the one to buy toys for Hannah. But we didn't have to buy that many toys, coz there are loads of toys that used to belong to my siblings, now they're all Hannah's, hihi.. XP

Next, Ummi went for a facial treatment at Clarins, while the remaining us went to MPH bookstore to read some books n magz there.

Later, we all went to KFC for lunch, using the discount vouchers that we got. So, we ate n drank 10 pcs of chicken, 2 small-sized coleslaw, 2 small-sized mashed potatoes, 2 cheesy wedges n 4 carbonated drinks...for only RM40.10. ^_^

Then, we got into the car n headed to KLIA to fetch Ayah (my dad) who's juz flewn back here from Sabah. We went home after that.

Well, that's pretty much what happened today. Tomorrow, my newly-wed cousin n his wife are coming over for lunch. That means I have to wake early tomorrow, bcoz this house is a total mess!! >_^

Btw, speaking of Hubby earlier, I reaaaallly miss him! Huhu~... T_T Luv u Hubby!!

P/s - I've juz noticed that I have 13 followers now!! I'm so hepi!!! ^_^ Hihi..


Atika Azumi said...

well, u didn't count me, the invisible follower :P

Nisa' Azman said...

RealllY??? Tika, I didn't know u're following me, huhu~..
Sori2x then..
So now that's 14 followers, that are visible, n that I know of, hehe..

OweizMeZ said...

nisa dear, u didnt leave any ctc fr mummy to reply u, regard of d slimming soap tu, mummy jual minimum 4biji,fr a month stock. buzz mummy on 019-2543211 or add jer mummy kt fb,

Nisa' Azman said...

Mummy: ke? Ok, ok..nnti la sy email mummy ye kalo sy nk order sabun tue.. Thnx.