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Monday, February 28, 2011

Congrats to the winners~!!! ^_^

Sori for keeping all of you waiting for the results. Can't wait anymore? I know, I can't wait to announce them too~!! ^_^

Before I announce them, juz wanna tell the winners that I have created some winner award for each of u. So don't forget to take it & put it in your blog, OK? Other contestants can get the contestant award from the previous post. Let's get on with it now, shall we?

Starting from the bottom... there are 2 winners for the Mystery winner prize. Those lucky ones are~~~

*for being the 1st person to participate~!!

my shaizhar blog contest
*for being the ONLY male contestant~!!

Next..the 4th prize winner goes to~~~~

*the cute pink-inspired girl

The 3rd prize winner is~~~

*the purple addicted mama teacher

Moving on to the 2nd prize winner, which is~~~

*a pink + Hello Kitty lover

And now, the 1st prize winner of "Colours of Inspiration" is~~~

Mama Zharfan
*a pinkylicious mama lecturer who's abroad

Congrats to all the winners~!!! Plz email me your full namemailing address to, with the title "Winner of COI".

-- Note: Plz do remember to take the awards, ok winners? For the other contestants, you may find a special award for u in the previous post. Till then, ta~... ^_^

The Results of the Winners are in~!!

Attention to contestants of "Colours of Inspiration"..

First of all, I would like to apologise for the delay of picking the winners & announcing the results.. I've had a busy week (and will still be busy~...huhu~..), but alas, I've reviewed, evaluated & picked the best entries.

Yeah, hooray for the winners...!! ^_^ It was soooo diffucult to choose the best entry, as almost every entry I read were very much qualified of being a winner. I had to get some advice from Hubby in evaluating the entries, so that there would be no biases, hihi~.. >_^

Juz for ur info, each entry was evaluated following these criteria:

* Content
-- As one of the contest's conditions, each entry has to have not less than 50 words. Plus, the content of the entry has to be evaluated as well

* Pics
-- Although pics are not compulsory, but they are an added point to show off the contestants' creativity...and of their obsession towards the colour(s).

* Blog theme
-- This is a special aspect that is taken into account when it was juz too hard to choose a winner, hihi~...

As a token of appreciation to each & every one of you who were willing to participate in this contest, here I have an award for all of you contestants. Plz do take it & proudly put it in ur blog! Hihi~... >_<

So....curious to know who the winners are? Plz meet me in my next post~!!!! Hihihi~... >_< (don't fret, the results will be announced around noon today - 28th Feb 2011)..

Friday, February 25, 2011

Huggies Play Tent~...

I don't regret being a Huggies Hugclub being a loyal customer to Huggies diapers. You wanna know why? Hihi... XP

Well, I've been collecting Huggies points (which u can get from the polyester bag of the diapers) all this while. Mind you, Baby Hannah has been using Huggies since she was born! ^_^

So.. when my points were nearly 300, I decided to redeem them with goodies form Huggies. 

Here are the stuff that I redeemed for 200 Huggies points.
Elephant Tent Head: 100cm (W) x 100cm (L) x 100cm (H) Trunk: 46cm (W) x 100cm (L)
Elephant tent head

House Tent 80cm (W) x 80cm (L) x 96cm (H)
House tent

I juz received them yesterday. Baby Hannah was so excited when the tents first came. She likes playing in them. I've joined the elephant's trunk to the house, so that she can crawl in the tunnel from 1 tent to the other. 

There's so much more that you can redeem. So if you're a Huggies customer, then go & redeem now! Btw, only members can do that, so sign up as a member now!! Hihi~... ^_^

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Won Consolation Prize, yay~!!


I never expected to win anything. I received an email from Mama Zakwan (Kak Nadia) saying that I should take a look at her blog (click here). 

And whaddaya know, I won the consolation prize, super duper YAY~!!!! >_<

This is my 2nd win, hihi~.. Hope there'll be more lucky wins after this.. ^_^

This is the contest that I joined & won~..

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy schedule~... "-_-

This week, I'll be busy. Super busy~.....

Today (21 Feb 2011): I have to vote for an election held at UM. Juz done that - I was the 1st voter to come, so my pic was taken, hehe.. Later at 8pm, I have an AIESEC UM meeting about HIV/AIDS Education.

22 Feb 2011: Got a test at 10am. Do wish me luck!! >_<

24 Feb 2011: Have a presentation in tutorial class.

25 Feb 2011: Got another test at 11.30am. Hope I'll do well~!! "-_-

26 Feb 2011: Have to attend AIESEC UM's EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) from 8am-2pm.

27 Feb 2011: Got to go for charity work at PECH from 2-4pm.

*To participants of Colours of Inspiration, plz spare wif me.. I will try to evaluate your entries a.s.a.p. If I can announce the results this week, then you're in luck! But if not, you'll juz have to be patient & hope that I can spare some time for the evaluation, OK? Sori & thanks a bunch~!!! "^_^

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Colours of Inspiration Contest~!!!

Colours of Inspiration

I've joined a lot of contests since blogging.. Now it's my turn to do my very own contest & give away splendid stuff for my dear followers. I sure hope that many bloggers will join this contest of mine. 

Terms & Conditions

1. Be a follower of my blog first.

2. Write an entry/blog post about the colour(s) that inspire you the most. The colour(s) may have inspired you through your fashion sense, your view of life, your belongings, particularly anything! For example: 

"The colour that inspires me the most is GREEN. Most of the things that I own are green. See what colour my blog is? Hihi.. I am absolutely obsessed with green. ^_^" 

3. The title of the entry must be "Colours of Inspiration" or "Warna Inspirasiku". You may use English or Malay or even both. Write as long as you want, but mind you, it has to be more than 50 words.

4. Be the most creative you can!! You may put pictures, use coloured fonts etc. It's all up to you!

5. Please insert the contest banner in your entry. Link the banner back to this blog post of mine.

6. After doing all of the above, give a link of your blog post in the comment section below.

7. Spread the word! Invite friends to join the contest as well, as there are a lot of prizes to be won!!

8. This contest is going on for 1 month, from 19th January - 19th February 2011. Any change of date will be informed. (date has been extended to 19th Feb) *ENDED*


Only for illustration..the real frame does not look like this, ok?
* 1st prize: Handcrafted Photo frame

* 2nd prize: Hello Kitty keychain

* 3rd prize: Hello Kitty handphone strap

* 4th prize: Korean keychain

Sorry for the blurred image..
  * 2x Mystery winner prize: fridge magnets

--I will add another prize if the participants are over 50, so keep praying!!
--For any enquiries, juz comment below. Thanks. ^_^

This contest has ended.

For the winner results,
click here

The Contest's Over~~...


At this hour (11.59p.m), I am glad to announce that the "Colours of Inspiration" contest is finally over.

Thanks a zillion to all those who are kind & generous to participate in this first contest of mine. ^_^ I apologise for not having that much of a great contest, I'm still a newbie at contest-making, hihihi..

All entries will be read through & evaluated during the whole of next week. I will try to announce the winners by that week, if possible. >_^ So, juz be patient wif me, ok?

--Spoiler alert!!: There's going to be a giveaway contest by yours truly in April. So watch out for it!!

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Last day to join~!!!

To my lovely followers & readers...

Guess what??

Today's the last day to participate in my contest - which is "Colours of Inspiration" contest.

To anyone who wish to enter, plz do hurry!! The contest will be officially closed on 19th February 2011, by 11.59p.m.

Any late submission will not be tolerated, ok?

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bought a shawl from Chanteks Butik~..

Chanteks Butik is an online business which sells shawls, inners & the like. I was first introduced to it by my coursemate, /, whose fren (a.k.a collgemate) is the owner of Chanteks Butik.

Chanteks Butik sells its products via Facebook. I ordered a black shawl which is plain but has decorations in grey at both ends. Here a pic of it - taken from Facebook:

Mine is the black one..
Since I had been busy with my classes + my recent involvement in AIESEC UM, I only got to pay & get the shawl yesterday (and that was after much delays) "-_- I claimed the shawl myself at the college (where Shima & her fren a.k.a Chanteks Butik owner are staying at) in UM. So there was no need for me to pay extra charges for delivery. ^_^

Owh yeah, about the shawl I bought. It's really nice. The fabric is soft, it feels like it's made from cotton+nylon+jersey. (I'm sorry... I'm not good at differentiating types of fabric.. I juz wear clothes regardless of what they're made from). The shawl is kinda like strechable & it sticks to my head nicely. That means I don't need to worry much about the wind blowing at my shawl, hihi~..

I would like to say THANKS to Chanteks Butik for being patient with a customer like me, hehe.. I look forward to buying from there again, if there are nice & lovely shawls that I have an eye for.

For those of you who are interested in buying shawls, do come & visit Chanteks Butik Facebook profile. If you happen to be a UM student, you can juz get your purchase from the owner yourself, no delivery charges.. >_^

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Thursday, February 17, 2011


In conjunction with launching their new blog, Dunia Belibelah are giving away chocolates to lucky followers~!! The due date of this GA will be confirmed later by the blog owner. Juz click the pic above to participate. ^_^

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I've been invited by Delicious Cuppies to join this giveaway of them. As u can see, it ends by 28 February 2011. Click on the pic to join! 

--This is the blog owned by the founder of Delicious Cuppies. She is a businesswoman + mom to a cute daughter. She first started doing her cupcake business at home, then expanded her business online. 

--Juz by looking at the name, u can feel ur mouth might be watering, hihi~.. >_^ This online blog store first launched its blog on 17/7/2009, and founded by Mimie. They make & sell all sorts of cupcakes & cakes for any occasion, be it for birthdays, anniversaires, weddings etc. Juz head o to their blog, u might find that u're in love with them at first sught!! ^_^

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maulidur Rasul 1432H

As all Muslims know, Maulidur Rasul is celebrated on 12 Rabiulawal of the Islamic calendar. This year, Maulidur Rasul falls on 15th February 2011.

We are always remembered to say the salawat for Rasulullah, not juz on this special day, but every day. As the ummah of the last Prophet, we must obey & follow Rasulullah's teachings.

How can we follow Rasulullah's teachings in our daily lives? Read the list below:

1) Follow the sunnah of Rasulullah, by following his doings & actions:
* eat with our right hand
* recite prayers before & after doing something, e.g eating, sleeping, driving etc.
* always wear your shoes with the right foot first & take your shoes off by the right foot as well
* do some charity; donate & give sedekah to the needy & the poor.

2) Always say the salawat wherever you are appropiately, e.g while waiting for the bus, before going to bed, after performing the solah etc.

3) Recite the Ayatul Kursi  verse daily (try to make it a habit).

4) Recite the al-Ma'thurat after the Subuh and Asar prayers.

5) Remember to include prayers for Rasulullah in your doa (prayers) & when reciting the Yaasin verse.

6) Read lots of stories about the Prophet, e.g Sirah Rasulullah to know him better & to try take a step at following his good traits.

There are many more things you can do beside all of the above. I'm writing this down juz as a reminder to all of us Muslims (including myself) so that we do not get pretty much preoccupied with earthly things.

Hope all of my precious readers celebrate this special day happily yet moderately, with lots of thoughts & salawat for our beloved Prophet Muhammad.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Precious + touching words...

Today is simply juz another day of classes. But it is filled with the most precious words that I have heard all my life.

This morning, as I was getting ready for class, Baby Hannah woke up too. She had breakfast with me, that was cereal with milk. When I was about to go out of the house, she said to me:

"Bye, Ibu."

Never before has she said that to me, so I was very much surprised to her it from her. I abruptly went to hug and kiss her, before going out of the house and into the car.

Later in the morning, as I was in class, my handphone vibrated which meant I had a new message. It was for my dear Hubby. He wrote:

"Ari ni ari valentine,
tp abg xsambut ari2 cam tu
so xde pape yg istimewa la ari ni,
tp ayg lak tiap2 hari 
istimewa pd abg
bcoz ayg 
isteri yg abg cintai..."

"Today is Valentine's Day,
But I don't celebrate those kind of days
so there's nothing special about today,
but you are everyday 
special to me
bcoz you are
my beloved wife.."

The two persons that I love & care the most have said such touching words to me, that I will never ever forget, and will always cherish in my memories.

Hubby & Baby Hannah...I truly love you both~!!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Showing Your Love Contest

This contest is by Unique Momma. It runs until 15 February 2011. Click on the contest banner above to join.

Below here is the contest sponsor, Kufi Shoppe.

I really, really luv my Hubby. We got to know each other for 2 years before we decided to marry. He is such a wonderful person. Hubby has been through a lot in his life. Before I knew him, Hubby was involved in an accident where he was predicted to be paralysed for life. He lost his job, his girlfriend of that time, and his self-esteem. But due to his determination, he proved the doctors wrong. He was back on his feet months after.

If I had known him at that tragic time, I would have been with all the time. Truthfully, if he lands in some trouble or problems in the future, I will always be by his side. I know that Hubby loves me & Baby Hannah very much. He tries to support us the best he can, although he is now no longer as strong as he used to be, due to the accident.

Right now, Baby Hannah & I are far apart from Hubby, as he has to work in Kelantan, while I'm studying as an undergraduate in KL & am staying at my parents'. I try to be with Hubby as often as I can - which is not so often actually.

I juz wish that I can always be with Hubby. So I occasionally pray & pray for Hubby's safety & health, and also pray that I can finish my study next year at the latest.

Being far apart from someone you deeply love really pains your heart. But Hubby's SMSes & phone calls everyday keep me happy and help me forget about the sadness.

Hubby, plz know that I will always love u forever n ever..

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Saturday, February 12, 2011


A worth entering contest by Idma Textile. This contest goes on until 1st March 2011. Click on the pic above to enter...

When I was pregnant, Hubby & I were looking for baby names, both boy and girl names, that are meaningful & sweet. When it was predicted that my baby was a girl, Hubby decided to name her Nur Huda Husna.

After the baby was born, Ummi then suggested that we change the baby's name form Huda to Hannah - as at that moment, Hannah Montana was a sensation & thus inspired Ummi to think of that name.

So, my baby name is registered as Nur Hannah Husna binti Mohd Faizal.

The meaning of her name is simply lovely. It means: Cahaya kasih sayang yang lawa, or "The beautiful light of love".

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Got My Free Shawl from Butik Alesya~!! ^_^

After entering tonnes of contests and giveaways, this is my first win!! ^_^ To take a look at the post of the contest by Butik Alesya, plz click here.

A big thank you to Butik Alesya for giving me this feeling of happiness bcoz I've finally won something, hihi~..

I got a lovely pink shawl that is one of the boutique's "Branded Shawl" collection. My shawl has Louis Vuitton written all over it.

I might be doing some online shopping at Butik Alesya next time, as they sell really lovely shawls & scarves!! Here's how u can take a look at their online boutique:

Blog link:

Facebook link:

Now I juz have to find clothes that I can wear with the shawl~.. >_^

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

9 more days till contest ends!!

Salam & hye there bloggers & readers!!

Have u joined my "Colours of Inspiration" contest yet? If not, u have 9 more days until the contest is finally closed. 

The contest ends by 11.59 p.m on 19th february 2011.

To enter the contest of mine, juz click here.

There are loads of prizes up for grabs!! Who knows, your entry could be the lucky one, hihi.. 

Thanx a bunch for those who have entered!!! ^_^

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hepi Sweet B'day, Cia~!! ^_^

Today is my besfren's b'day. Who is that, u ask? Well, she is well-known by the name Shea Syahirah (previously Shea Rasol), but I simply call her Cia.

Both of us have been in the same boarding skool for 5 years!! (along with the rest of my besfrens as well). Hihi.. Which skool is that? I can't tell u, sori.. XP

Since skool, Cia has always been the creative one. She likes to make her own scrunchie, purse, pencil case etc. Cia also likes to draw silhouettes of models with clothes that she dreams of designing.

Cia is a very, very friendly girl, n loves to smile. If u see her, u would immediately wanna go talk to her! >_^

She is now very much known in the Internet (and also outside) for being a hijabi fashionista. She has a group of fashionistas called The Scarflets. Cia has recently launched an online store with her fren Yanny, called Pastelina. (everything is soooo pastel-y, hihi..)

Last yr, I breaked fast wif Cia, Syud n Kak Long.
Click here to read about it.

 I juz wanna wish her:

Hepi Sweet B'day, my dearest fren!

Hope u'll gain succes in Pastelina & ur Masters. I'll keep supporting u all the way~... I'm so hepi, lucky & proud to have u as my fren. Luv luv luv u~... ^_^

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby & Me - Jang Geun-seok~!!

Yesterday, my sis borrowed a Korean movie DVD from her fren. It's called Baby & Me. Jang Geun-seok plays the leading role of Han Joon-soo, an 18-year-old high school student, who's rich & quite a trouble maker. His parents are so fed up with him that one day, they decided to leave him alone at home until Joon-soo changes his behaviour.

Out of the blue, Joon-soo finds a baby boy (played by Mason Moon) in his shopping trolley while going out to buy groceries. A note on the baby says that his name is Han Woo-ram & that he's Joon-soo's son. Baffled by this incident, he tries to locate Baby Woo-ram's mother but to no avail. He is then left with the choice of raising the baby himself.

After many issues of hardwork, frustration, and also suspension from the school, Joon-soo grows to love the cute baby just like a trure father. 

Eventually, his friend confesses that the baby was his, and not Joon-soo's. Too sad to let the baby get adopted by a Caucasian couple, Joon-soo decides to take turns raising Baby Woo-ram with his friend. you know who Jang Geun-seok is? His face seems familiar, right? That's because we've seen him before on Malaysian TV, 8TV to be exact, where he starred in dramas such as Beethoven Virus and He's Beautiful.

His face in this pic reminds me of Adam Lambert, ewww..

Owh yeah, not to forget, the baby is super cute! Awww...juz look at his pics. Sooooo adorable, I juz wanna pinch his cheeks!! Hihi... ^_^

Super, super cute~!!

To sum it all up, it's an enjoyable & watchable movie. I can't really rate the movie bcoz I still don't have a Korean movie that I really, really like (and I mean really). So far, all the Korean movies that I've watched are juz watchable. 

Do u know of really good Korean movies? Give me a suggestion or two. Thanks... >_^

---note: all pics are taken from Google. 

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