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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A lot of Shakespeare, a little bit of Romeo & Juliet

Like I've said before on Monday, my group had to a presentation on Shakespearean Language + a scene of the famous Romeo & Juliet play (Act III, Scene V). Ma Lan n Min Yao did the powerpoint presentation, while Sheila played Romeo, I played Juliet & Aasha was the nurse. See us in this video below, click here. (Fyi, I still haven't watched it myself! Too afraid~!! T_T)

OK, now for pics...(as requested by my dear fren Syud). These pics are courtesy of Aasha n Voon.

Sheila, Min Yao, Aasha n me (Ma Lan snapping the pic)

Me & Aasha

Now you can see that I'm wearing the dress-like abaya that I've mentioned on Monday. The dress Aasha brought for me was a little too sexy, so we juz decided I continued wearing the abaya.

Focus on the ring plz!! ^_^
 All the accessories I'm wearing are Aasha's: the necklaces, the fan + the lovely pink ring! Yeah, do take a close look at the ring I'm wearing. It's super duper lovely~!! N to top that, Aasha kindly said that I can have it, the ring she bought from Iran!! Owh, Aasha, you're such a sweet cake! ^_^ Thanks a bunch!!!

Dr Amitav n my classmates

These are the rest of my classmates for the Language Evolution class. We had a great time laughing n having fun last Monday, our last Evo class, mind you. N we will sure miss Dr Amitav teaching us! ^_^


Syuhadah Mansor said...

yea..yea..nisa' tunaikan hajat kita..comel2 pakai abaya..and da selendang..hehe..tu ke selendang yg hubby belikan??hehe

Nisa' Azman said...

Hehe.. comel ke? Pndi aje syud nie..
Abaya tue mak kite bli kat lgkawi je, dh lame dh..
Ha'ah, tue la selendang yg hubby blikn tue.. nie la 1st time kite pki gi klass. B4 this, kite ade gak try pki time raye br2 nie..haha.. ntah btul ke care kite pki tue, pki hentam je.. XP