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Monday, October 18, 2010

Introducing...Baby Hannah Husna!!

Her most recent pic

Full name: Nur Hannah Husna binti Mohd Faizal
D.O.B.: 23rd April 2009 ( easy to remember! ^_^)
P.O.B: University of Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Age: 1 year & 5 months
i) Hannah (general nickname, also teh name that my family & relatives call her)
ii) Husna (special nickname that's only used by Hubby & I)
iii) Yuna (the nickname that Hubby's side of the family call her)

--> Baby Hannah loves playing with brick toys such as Lego & Duplo.

--> She likes playing with water! If she sees anyone washing the car or watering the plants, she'll join in, not to help, but to play! ^_^ Hubby & I like bringing her to the water park at KLCC. She loves playing there. Once, she was the only one crawling around in the water, all the other children were bigger than her as she was still young at that time. Here's the proof:

--> Consequently, she loves bath time as well. She has her own bathtub and she can be in it for a long time - playing with bubbles, her rubber ducky & other toys. Occasionally, we bring out her bathtub on the front porch or the back lawn so that she can bath outdoors.

--> Baby Hannah is totally obsessed with raisins!! She'll eat n eat n eat if we don't stop her. 

--> She likes cats, thus she loves playing with Mitten. Plus, Baby Hannah has a very cute way of saying "meow". >_^

--> She can call 'Papa' (Hubby), 'Atok' (my dad @ her grandpa), 'Nan' (my mom @ her grandma), 'Ijah' (my sis @ her auntie), 'Acam' (my lil bro @ her uncle)..but she still can't call 'Ibu' (that's me).. T_T

--> Baby Hannah loves the outdoors & going for walks. If she brings her shoes to you, then that's an obvious sign!

--> She likes playing on the table. I juz don't know why~...

--> My daughter really hates cicak (geckos)...she's afraid of them! One day last week, she killed a baby gecko using a long stick! XP

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