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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final Exams

This is a scheduled entry. Today I'll be fighting for my life in the exam hall (note exaggeration). "-_- It's Day 1 of my final exams. Plz plz plz wish me luck!!

Below is a poem I composed with dedication to myself & my frens who will be taking, who are taking n who have juz taken their exams...with the message: "Good luck & may we get good great results later~!!"

Final exams

Final exams
It comes with questions to be answered
Most students do well
A few do even better
Yet there is one or two
who just can't come up
with the correct answer.

Final exams
It comes with papers and pens
Students generally fear it
Worrying that they haven't studied enough
Some students welcome it
Confident that they can answer
in a wink or a puff.

Final exams
It comes with every semester
Although many students are not really fond of it
Somehow they subconsciously anticipate it
Because final exams occur at the end of a semester
Students look forward to
the weeks and weeks of holidays
that come after.

Created by: Nisa' Azman
22nd October 2010

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