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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Need HELP about NUFFNANG~!!!!!

Salam & hye....

I hope someone out there can help me with problem(s) about Nuffnang. It's been nearly 2 months since I registered as a Nuffnanger. (to see post about it, click here). I've added the ads on my blog, plus the poll too. But, I still haven't received any earnings yet.

Actually how do I receive earnings from Nuffnang? I see ads being displayed on my blog, but when am I going to get paid for them? Plz...someone help me answer these Qs.. I'm juz a Nuffnang newbie anyway.. So I really do hope that you Nuffnang seniors can help me. Thanks a million!! ^_^ 

P/s: could you help with 1 more thing? Plz answer my poll on the right sidebar of my blog.. Thanks again!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Introducing...Baby Hannah Husna - Part II!!

Ok, before this, I've talked about Baby Hannah likes to do n what she dislikes. In this Part II, I'm going to tell you about her vocabulary...meaning the words that she has now can speak.

Baby Hannah Husna's Vocabulary

* Papa (Hubby @ her papa)
* Ibu (me - but she rarely says it, huhu~.. T_T)
* Atuk (Ayah @ her grandpa)
* Nan (Ummi @ her grandma)
* Ijah (my sis)
* Acam (my bro Aslam)
* Amma (my bro Ammar)
* Ayip (my bro Ayep)
* Kudin (my bro Kudin)
* Bibik (Ummi's housemaid a.k.a her caretaker also)
* meow
* bod (bird)
* pish (fish)
* cicak (gecko - which she utterly hates)
* bukak (open)
* tutup (close)
* ni (this)
* tu (that)
* nak (want)
* ambik (take)
* nah (here - as in motioning that she wants to give something)
* bak (give - as in ordering to give her something)
* amin
* salam
* mil mil (milk)
* jom (let's go)
* no
* shh (as in shushing)
* yay
* abish (finish)
* amboi
* dah (from sudah)
* pi (from tepi, which means move aside)
* baby
* panash (from panas) or hot
* shijuk (from sejuk, which means cold)
* duduk (sit)
* ayi (from air, which means water)
* ujan (from hujan, which means rain)
* tido (from tidur, which means sleep)

Beside all these words, she speaks a lot of baby language, of which I have a hard time understanding, hehe.. XP

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Mall World addiction~...

 If you have a Facebook account, then you're sure to know or have heard of Mall World. I've juz started playing the game....n guess what - I'm now addicted to it! Currently I play every day, almost up to 3 times a day!! >_<

It's such a fun & interesting game. I get to open my own boutique, sell & purchase clothes n accessories, plus join fashion shows. ^_^ I've now joined 2 fashion shows: 1st fashion show - I got 2nd place, while 2nd fashion show - will know the results later this morning (hope to win 1st place!!!) >_^

So here's my new look, the look I'm showing off at the current fashion show. It may not be beautiful much to you, but I love this look - nice + sweet! ^_^

Nway, if any of u are also Mall World players, don't forget to add me as your neighbour, ok?

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I first bought an issue of Pa&Ma magazine when I was nearly 9 months pregnant. That May 2009 issue was incredibly something that was a right choice bought the right time. It talked about tips for going thru the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, what to bring to the hospital on the day of labour n so on. Plus, it advertised a set for mothers (set ibu bersalin) - Leesa Formula Confine Mum Set - which Ummi bought for me a few days after I gave birth.

This is the May 2009 issue - my very 1st Pa&Ma mag!!

I must say, buying a parenting magazine felt awkward at first. I used to buy comic books n comic mags before I was married. There's a whole stack of them at Ummi's house. Even my fren Syud is wowed that I no longer read comics, but have stepped to another level of reading, hihi...XD

Apart from buying Pa&Ma as a guide towards parenting, I also bought another Malaysian motherhood mag, Mami&Baby. But after comparing the two mags, I found that Pa&Ma was much more suitable & approached me the best.

Since then, every month I buy a copy of Pa&Ma, and each single copy has never let me down in providing tips & info on parenting & motherhood. I have yet to subscribe the mag, but I'm planning to do so in future. Spending RM6.50 a month is really worth it!!! ^_^

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hoping to be the best that I can be~...

Assalamualaikum & gud morning everyone...

At this moment, Baby Hannah & Hubby are still sleeping pleasantly, while I myself couldn't get a shut eye after Subuh, so I decided to go online.

I've been thinking I the best that I can be right now? My own reply is: No. I don't think I'm being my best now. I guess I need to push myself more until I can be the best of me.

Like everyone else, problems & trouble come to me, and as a Muslim, I must try to solve & overcome them in a good manner. But sometimes, I don't think I've been doing good enough. Doubts keep coming & going... Oh Allah, plz guide me through this life..

What I hope & pray for right now (and will always keep praying) are:

* to be the good (if not the best) Muslim & server of Allah
* to be the best wife+partner+soulmate to Hubby
* to be the best mother+friend to Baby Hannah (and my future children, if any, insyaAllah)
* to be the best daughter for Ummi & Ayah
* to be the best sister for my siblings
* to be the best friend of all my friends
* to be the best student that I can be
* and to be the best person for myself.

Amin ya rabbal 'alamin...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Having fun~!! ^_^

Sori for not updating my blog. I'm now at Kelantan, wif Hubby n Baby Hannah. Yup, I'm spending my semester break here.

I don't know if I'm able to blog regularly, coz the connection here is soooooo slow. Huhu~...

Nway, if there's anything, juz give a msg at my shoutbox.. Thnx!!! >_<