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Here is a list of achievements that I have gained from joining contests. Hihi~.. ^_^ Inspired enough? Let's join more contests to win more prizes n stuff!!!

P/s - for the blog entries, juz click on the label "My wins", hehe..

September 2011
Saya Nak GA Dari Korea & Bandung


One of the grand prize winners~!!
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Tag & Win Contest

Won a RM100 photoshoot e-voucher~!!

2nd Giveaway Yana Craft

2nd Giveaway Yana Craft

Won the Facebook category~!!
(received polyester felt + craft supply)

SakuraBoutique - Syawal GiveAway Contest!!

SakuraBoutique - Syawal GiveAway Contest!!

Won the Facebook category~!!
(received a Clinique make-up bag + cosmetics products)

lucky draw by nabila

lucky draw by nabila

Won the consolation prize~!!
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August 2011
GA Vroomm Vroomm dari Amiey Lee

Won a motorbike FM~!!
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Fashion Runway giveaway

Won a RM10 e-voucher~!!

Style Your Scarf Contest

Won 2nd place~!!

ParenThots: Ramadhan CD Giveaway

Won a CD album~!!

Nippon Paint I Like My Home Contest

I'm one of the lucky voters~!!

Cik Emma 1st Giveaway

Cik Emma 1st Giveaway 
Won the 1st prize (RM10 prepaid topup)
(click here for the results)
   July 2011
Perrggghh: Lizahanum Nak Bagi Surprise Gift Dari JAKARTA & BANDUNG 

Perrgggghh: Lizahanum Nak Bagi Surprise Gift  Dari JAKARTA & BANDUNG

I'm one of the lucky winners~!!
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 Lil Ariff needs ur votes ;)

I'm one of the lucky voters~!!

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 Cabutan Bertuah Segera & Vote Ashraf

I'm one of the lucky voters~!!
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   Cutest Baby of the Planet - June 2011 Contest

Hannah is the 1st prize winner~!!

Click pic for winner results

June Giveaway

I'm the winner!!!
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June 2011
Butterfly Pillow Giveaway

The Butterfly Pillow - Infant to Adult Head & Neck Support in Citron Giraffe Garden
Won a "Cotton Giraffe Garden" butterfly pillow
(Click here for the results..)

My Birthday Giveaway

One of the lucky winners~!!
(Click here for the results)

contest bayi menguap comel by atie

Hannah is listed in the Top 10~!!!

Contest I Love Tudung

Consolation prize winner~!!!
(Won shawl accessories)

(click here for the winning entry)

My BFF Contest

Consolation prize winner wif 663 Likes~!!

6th Anniversary GA by 
One of the lucky winners~!!!
(click here for winner announcement)
You pick, You tell, You win Contest

2nd place~!!!!
(click here for winner announcement)

Won a Sachs bag worth RM150
(click here to read my winning entry)

May 2011
May Giveaway
Received participation prize of a RM10 gift voucher
(click here for winner announcement)
My 12th Anniversary Giveaway by fieda

I'm one of the winners~!!
Cute Baby Contest

Hannah is listed in the Top 20~!!

GA Cuti-cuti Hatyai
Early bird winner
(Click here for winner announcement)
Baby Nurkheir 1st Giveaway: Si Manja Chumil Bertudung/Berbaju Melayu
Received participation prize

Giveaway Contest on My Pregnancy
3rd prize winner!!!
(click here for the winner announcement)

Mini Contest: My True Love
I'm the winner of the mini contest!!
(Click here for winner announcement)

I Love My ______ Contest

Received participation prize

Contest April

Won consolation prize!!
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April 2011
Supermodel's Secrets 1st Year Anniversary Giveaway

2nd Prize winner!!!
(click here to read winner anouncement)


Magic Eyes x 2 pairs 

Stnadard Magic Butt worth RM79

and Bumpits worth RM24

March 2011
Book-stacks First Giveaway

Mini prize winner!!
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February 2011
Showing Your Love Contest

Won consolation prize
(Winning entry, click here)

(received prize: a softcopy of Hubby's & my name in kufi khat)

Anakku Sayang, Anakku Riang bersama Little Fingers

Baby Hannah is listed in the Top 12~!!
(received consolation prize: calendar postcard)

Nama Baby Saya Contest

Received participation prize

Giveaway Bersama DC & Mimie1678

Won a fridge magnet from Madrid~!!

Aku Rindu Sayang Kamu Giveaway

Won consolation prize: mirror frame
(click here to read the winner announcement)

Butik Alesya: 50 Free Shawl Giveaway

Butik Alesya: 50 Free Shawl To Giveaway
Won a pink shawl~!!
(Winning entry: click here)