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Thursday, December 16, 2010


I first bought an issue of Pa&Ma magazine when I was nearly 9 months pregnant. That May 2009 issue was incredibly something that was a right choice bought the right time. It talked about tips for going thru the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, what to bring to the hospital on the day of labour n so on. Plus, it advertised a set for mothers (set ibu bersalin) - Leesa Formula Confine Mum Set - which Ummi bought for me a few days after I gave birth.

This is the May 2009 issue - my very 1st Pa&Ma mag!!

I must say, buying a parenting magazine felt awkward at first. I used to buy comic books n comic mags before I was married. There's a whole stack of them at Ummi's house. Even my fren Syud is wowed that I no longer read comics, but have stepped to another level of reading, hihi...XD

Apart from buying Pa&Ma as a guide towards parenting, I also bought another Malaysian motherhood mag, Mami&Baby. But after comparing the two mags, I found that Pa&Ma was much more suitable & approached me the best.

Since then, every month I buy a copy of Pa&Ma, and each single copy has never let me down in providing tips & info on parenting & motherhood. I have yet to subscribe the mag, but I'm planning to do so in future. Spending RM6.50 a month is really worth it!!! ^_^

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