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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby Hannah's 18 months injection~...

The recent Friday, I brought Baby Hannah to UMMC to get her very much delayed 18 months inejction. She was suppossed to be injected on 4th November, but I was so busy with things.

Nway, many people were at the hospital, coz it's Friday afternoon, after all. When it was Hannah's turn to be injected, she was excited n happy. But when I cradled her in my arms n held her left leg tightly, she got nervous. The nurse then injected her left thigh, n Hannah's leg immediately when stiff, n then she cried.

The nurse took this opportunity to pop a drop of something for polio into Hannah's mouth. She didn't really cry for long though. Soon after the blood has dried out, Hannah was back on her feet. Her next injection would be when she's 7 years old, or Standard 1.

When we got home, she fell asleep a few minutes later. When she woke up, her left thigh was a bit stiff n her temperature was up. Hannah got a fever, n she cried, cried n cried... She couldn't walk much bcoz her leg was hurt. Poor Hannah... But by night, she was a bit ok, her fever was down a bit n she ate her medicine.

Today, Hannah is still having a fever, but I guess she will soon fully recover, coz my baby girl is a tough girl!!! ^_^

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