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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Juz 1 more exam paper left~...

I still have 1 more exam paper left to overcome this coming Monday. That much awaited paper is Translation I. There's nothing much to study for this paper coz I juz have to translate texts from English to Malay n vice versa. Plus, it's an open book exam, where my classmates & I are allowed to bring our English-Malay bilingual dictionary into the exam hall. Yeah, that's why I have time to online n update my blog & my FB status. Hihi.. >_^

I juz can't wait to get it done n over with. Bcoz on Wednesday morning (1st December 2010), Baby Hannah & I will be on the bus to meet my much missed Hubby in Kelantan~... Huhu~.. I do miss him sooo much. It's not so nice being away from Hubby who has to work in Kelantan. It's been nearly 2 months since we last met!

Well, I guess I have to sacrfice my desire to always be right next to him, as I have to finish my degree a.s.a.p. "-_-

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