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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Introducing...Baby Hannah Husna - Part II!!

Ok, before this, I've talked about Baby Hannah likes to do n what she dislikes. In this Part II, I'm going to tell you about her vocabulary...meaning the words that she has now can speak.

Baby Hannah Husna's Vocabulary

* Papa (Hubby @ her papa)
* Ibu (me - but she rarely says it, huhu~.. T_T)
* Atuk (Ayah @ her grandpa)
* Nan (Ummi @ her grandma)
* Ijah (my sis)
* Acam (my bro Aslam)
* Amma (my bro Ammar)
* Ayip (my bro Ayep)
* Kudin (my bro Kudin)
* Bibik (Ummi's housemaid a.k.a her caretaker also)
* meow
* bod (bird)
* pish (fish)
* cicak (gecko - which she utterly hates)
* bukak (open)
* tutup (close)
* ni (this)
* tu (that)
* nak (want)
* ambik (take)
* nah (here - as in motioning that she wants to give something)
* bak (give - as in ordering to give her something)
* amin
* salam
* mil mil (milk)
* jom (let's go)
* no
* shh (as in shushing)
* yay
* abish (finish)
* amboi
* dah (from sudah)
* pi (from tepi, which means move aside)
* baby
* panash (from panas) or hot
* shijuk (from sejuk, which means cold)
* duduk (sit)
* ayi (from air, which means water)
* ujan (from hujan, which means rain)
* tido (from tidur, which means sleep)

Beside all these words, she speaks a lot of baby language, of which I have a hard time understanding, hehe.. XP

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