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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bus poem

Newsflash!! I accidentally fell down this morning when I was walking to the faculty while reading the newspaper. T_T Who's to be blamed?? Well... Blame myself for not looking where I'm going! And...Blame the hole in the pavement! Hahaha.. >_< My knee bled, but now the blood has dried out, but still, it stings.

Anyway, so here's a poem I composed while waiting for the bus the previous Monday.

The Typical Malaysian Bus

Bus, O, The red-and-white bus
I have been with you
since I started becoming an undergraduate
Sometimes you come early
Yet many times you have arrived late
Now I have been waiting for ten minutes

Bus, O, the two-door bus
The main transport I use
to get to the university
The only transport I use
to go home after classes
There are many modes of transport
Yet I still chose you form all those choices
Although I've been waiting for thirty minutes

Bus, O, The fashionably late bus
You have seen me in many ways
During my solo days
My married days
And even my pregnant days
I have been loyal and very patient
Even though I've been waiting for forty-five minutes

Bus, O, The typical Malaysian bus
Why can't you be like your friends?
Your friends from other countries
They arrive every ten to fifteen minutes
Waiting for them is like a breeze
I really do hope you would come soon
I don't want to wait
till I can see the moon
Currently I've been waiting for one hour!

Created by: Nisa' Azman
11th October 2010

* * *

To Syud & Umie: I will make those poems as requested after the exams, OK?

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