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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hepi Sweet B'day, Cia~!! ^_^

Today is my besfren's b'day. Who is that, u ask? Well, she is well-known by the name Shea Syahirah (previously Shea Rasol), but I simply call her Cia.

Both of us have been in the same boarding skool for 5 years!! (along with the rest of my besfrens as well). Hihi.. Which skool is that? I can't tell u, sori.. XP

Since skool, Cia has always been the creative one. She likes to make her own scrunchie, purse, pencil case etc. Cia also likes to draw silhouettes of models with clothes that she dreams of designing.

Cia is a very, very friendly girl, n loves to smile. If u see her, u would immediately wanna go talk to her! >_^

She is now very much known in the Internet (and also outside) for being a hijabi fashionista. She has a group of fashionistas called The Scarflets. Cia has recently launched an online store with her fren Yanny, called Pastelina. (everything is soooo pastel-y, hihi..)

Last yr, I breaked fast wif Cia, Syud n Kak Long.
Click here to read about it.

 I juz wanna wish her:

Hepi Sweet B'day, my dearest fren!

Hope u'll gain succes in Pastelina & ur Masters. I'll keep supporting u all the way~... I'm so hepi, lucky & proud to have u as my fren. Luv luv luv u~... ^_^

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