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Friday, February 25, 2011

Huggies Play Tent~...

I don't regret being a Huggies Hugclub being a loyal customer to Huggies diapers. You wanna know why? Hihi... XP

Well, I've been collecting Huggies points (which u can get from the polyester bag of the diapers) all this while. Mind you, Baby Hannah has been using Huggies since she was born! ^_^

So.. when my points were nearly 300, I decided to redeem them with goodies form Huggies. 

Here are the stuff that I redeemed for 200 Huggies points.
Elephant Tent Head: 100cm (W) x 100cm (L) x 100cm (H) Trunk: 46cm (W) x 100cm (L)
Elephant tent head

House Tent 80cm (W) x 80cm (L) x 96cm (H)
House tent

I juz received them yesterday. Baby Hannah was so excited when the tents first came. She likes playing in them. I've joined the elephant's trunk to the house, so that she can crawl in the tunnel from 1 tent to the other. 

There's so much more that you can redeem. So if you're a Huggies customer, then go & redeem now! Btw, only members can do that, so sign up as a member now!! Hihi~... ^_^


r|nA @ ja|j|na said...

echa tak boleh pakai huggies..selalu pakai, mesti bocor punye..nak² tido malam..suke huggie sni sbb nak kan play tent dia, ekekeke..

Nisa' Azman said...

owh ye ke, kak rina?
tp huggies ade mcm2 jnis, ade yg leh tahan bocor gak..
So echa pki pmpers pe kak? hehe..