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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby & Me - Jang Geun-seok~!!

Yesterday, my sis borrowed a Korean movie DVD from her fren. It's called Baby & Me. Jang Geun-seok plays the leading role of Han Joon-soo, an 18-year-old high school student, who's rich & quite a trouble maker. His parents are so fed up with him that one day, they decided to leave him alone at home until Joon-soo changes his behaviour.

Out of the blue, Joon-soo finds a baby boy (played by Mason Moon) in his shopping trolley while going out to buy groceries. A note on the baby says that his name is Han Woo-ram & that he's Joon-soo's son. Baffled by this incident, he tries to locate Baby Woo-ram's mother but to no avail. He is then left with the choice of raising the baby himself.

After many issues of hardwork, frustration, and also suspension from the school, Joon-soo grows to love the cute baby just like a trure father. 

Eventually, his friend confesses that the baby was his, and not Joon-soo's. Too sad to let the baby get adopted by a Caucasian couple, Joon-soo decides to take turns raising Baby Woo-ram with his friend. you know who Jang Geun-seok is? His face seems familiar, right? That's because we've seen him before on Malaysian TV, 8TV to be exact, where he starred in dramas such as Beethoven Virus and He's Beautiful.

His face in this pic reminds me of Adam Lambert, ewww..

Owh yeah, not to forget, the baby is super cute! Awww...juz look at his pics. Sooooo adorable, I juz wanna pinch his cheeks!! Hihi... ^_^

Super, super cute~!!

To sum it all up, it's an enjoyable & watchable movie. I can't really rate the movie bcoz I still don't have a Korean movie that I really, really like (and I mean really). So far, all the Korean movies that I've watched are juz watchable. 

Do u know of really good Korean movies? Give me a suggestion or two. Thanks... >_^

---note: all pics are taken from Google. 

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