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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Showing Your Love Contest

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I really, really luv my Hubby. We got to know each other for 2 years before we decided to marry. He is such a wonderful person. Hubby has been through a lot in his life. Before I knew him, Hubby was involved in an accident where he was predicted to be paralysed for life. He lost his job, his girlfriend of that time, and his self-esteem. But due to his determination, he proved the doctors wrong. He was back on his feet months after.

If I had known him at that tragic time, I would have been with all the time. Truthfully, if he lands in some trouble or problems in the future, I will always be by his side. I know that Hubby loves me & Baby Hannah very much. He tries to support us the best he can, although he is now no longer as strong as he used to be, due to the accident.

Right now, Baby Hannah & I are far apart from Hubby, as he has to work in Kelantan, while I'm studying as an undergraduate in KL & am staying at my parents'. I try to be with Hubby as often as I can - which is not so often actually.

I juz wish that I can always be with Hubby. So I occasionally pray & pray for Hubby's safety & health, and also pray that I can finish my study next year at the latest.

Being far apart from someone you deeply love really pains your heart. But Hubby's SMSes & phone calls everyday keep me happy and help me forget about the sadness.

Hubby, plz know that I will always love u forever n ever..

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ok noted..

ur hub was so lucky to hav u as his wife...