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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Breaking fast with my Besfrens~!!

We're enjoying our spaghetti~!!

After making the arrangements of the date & venue, discussing the choice of fast food joit to eat at, plus solving minor probs, finally, last Friday (3rd Sept), I got to meet & break fast with my long-time-no-see besfrens~!! Though, there was a little disappointment as Mcyum couldn't come (she wasn't allowed to go out at nite), besides Tirah who obviously couldn't come (she had exams to attend to).

That Friday morn, I had Research Paper Writing class, where I had to pass up my Introduction assignmt. I had trouble printing it out (thanks to the heavily-infected-with-virus comp at the printing place), alas, after 1 hour, the papers were in my lecturer's hands to be marked.

After class, I went to see my darling hubby. Since last Wednesday was my b'day, he gave me a tudung (hijab) & a stripey top (which the salesgirl told him was from Hong Kong) as b'day gifts! In addition to that, we then went to KL Sentral, where he bought me 2 selendang (shawls) - coz he wanted me to have a different style, hihi.. ^_^ Thanks hubby~!!

It took several hours for me to try & wear the newly bought shawls. (I know, I should've asked the salesgirl abt this, nvm~). Finally, it was time to meet my frens. Since I couldn't figure out the rite way to don the shawl, I juzwent on wearing my fave black tudung, with the new top my hubby gave me.

My hubby & I went to Mid Valley Megamall where I was to meet my frens. We parted ways as I went to look for Syud, while hubby went to shop for something. My God, it certainly has been 9 years since we last met, I could see some changes in my fren, but still she was still the fren that I knew in school. >_<

Next person to come was Cia. She brought along her Nikon DSLR camera, so that we could snap some pics later! The 3 of us started talking & exchanging stories while waiting for my other fren to come.

Cia a.k.a Shea Rasol - the fashionista

Nearing 6 p.m., we went to The Spaghetti Farm, since Kak Long suggested eating there. It's a small cosy place, with tables that seat 4 people nicely. The menu was not a long one, but we had 8 different dishes of spaghetti to choose from - all of which looked truly appetising & delicious~!!! >_^ I ordered a Carbonara spaghetti ( with bits of turkey slices, yum!) & a bottled apple juice to go down with it.

Gradually, Kak Long came juz in time to break our fast. Then we started eating & talked some more. Bon appetit! By 8.10 p.m, we were saying goodbyes. Syud & Kak Long were going back by Cia's car, while I went to look for my hubby. He then bought a cheesecake for me~!!

Syud & Kak Long

Truthfully, those several hours were juz not enough. I wish those several hours were several days, we would be talking & having fun & lots more! I really hope that we will be arranging for another hang out some time soon, with Tirah & Mcyum along as well. It's good to see my frens after such a long while, & it would be better if I can see them again soon! ^_^


syud said...

hehe,best kan best kan..nak jumpa lg x??hehe

Nisa' Azman said...

Of course la nk jmpe lg!! Byk2 kli jmpe pun xpe~.. >_<