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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Butik Alesya: 50 Free Shawl To Giveaway

Butik Alesya is giving away 50 lovely shawls... Who wants shawls for free? Me!!! Click on the contest banner above to join too.

A little bit about Butik Alesya (taken from their blog):

For those who are first time visiting this blog, Butik Alesya is selling various kinds of scarves, shawls ,scarf hangers and custom/own made hijabs.
Assalammualaikum and welcome to BUTIK ALESYA …

We are operating by online only.

As you can see below, there are various shawls sold by the online boutique. All of them are so lovely & gorgeous~!!! >_<

Here's a certain shawl that I have eyes on.. It looks trendy with its print. ^_^

SHAWL NAJLA' @shawl crumple printed
Harga: RM15.00
Material: Cotton crumple

Butik Alesya aslo sells inners. I like this green one, hihi..

Do check out the boutique's blog Butik Alesya and their Facebook page Butik Alesya ~shawls & scarves~. In no time, you will fall in love with their shawls too!! Hihi..

Come join my contest!!!

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