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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Contest's Over~~...


At this hour (11.59p.m), I am glad to announce that the "Colours of Inspiration" contest is finally over.

Thanks a zillion to all those who are kind & generous to participate in this first contest of mine. ^_^ I apologise for not having that much of a great contest, I'm still a newbie at contest-making, hihihi..

All entries will be read through & evaluated during the whole of next week. I will try to announce the winners by that week, if possible. >_^ So, juz be patient wif me, ok?

--Spoiler alert!!: There's going to be a giveaway contest by yours truly in April. So watch out for it!!

Come join my contest!!!


Cute MuM said...

tq.. cute mum pon baru jer dapat tahu pasal testimonial kat HB! tue tadi..
baru balik dr bercuti nie..
nisa pon boleh jadi camtue gak.. ;)

Nisa' Azman said...

yup, Ok Cute Mum..

Thnx for the support, hehe.. ^_^