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Monday, February 14, 2011

Precious + touching words...

Today is simply juz another day of classes. But it is filled with the most precious words that I have heard all my life.

This morning, as I was getting ready for class, Baby Hannah woke up too. She had breakfast with me, that was cereal with milk. When I was about to go out of the house, she said to me:

"Bye, Ibu."

Never before has she said that to me, so I was very much surprised to her it from her. I abruptly went to hug and kiss her, before going out of the house and into the car.

Later in the morning, as I was in class, my handphone vibrated which meant I had a new message. It was for my dear Hubby. He wrote:

"Ari ni ari valentine,
tp abg xsambut ari2 cam tu
so xde pape yg istimewa la ari ni,
tp ayg lak tiap2 hari 
istimewa pd abg
bcoz ayg 
isteri yg abg cintai..."

"Today is Valentine's Day,
But I don't celebrate those kind of days
so there's nothing special about today,
but you are everyday 
special to me
bcoz you are
my beloved wife.."

The two persons that I love & care the most have said such touching words to me, that I will never ever forget, and will always cherish in my memories.

Hubby & Baby Hannah...I truly love you both~!!

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