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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maulidur Rasul 1432H

As all Muslims know, Maulidur Rasul is celebrated on 12 Rabiulawal of the Islamic calendar. This year, Maulidur Rasul falls on 15th February 2011.

We are always remembered to say the salawat for Rasulullah, not juz on this special day, but every day. As the ummah of the last Prophet, we must obey & follow Rasulullah's teachings.

How can we follow Rasulullah's teachings in our daily lives? Read the list below:

1) Follow the sunnah of Rasulullah, by following his doings & actions:
* eat with our right hand
* recite prayers before & after doing something, e.g eating, sleeping, driving etc.
* always wear your shoes with the right foot first & take your shoes off by the right foot as well
* do some charity; donate & give sedekah to the needy & the poor.

2) Always say the salawat wherever you are appropiately, e.g while waiting for the bus, before going to bed, after performing the solah etc.

3) Recite the Ayatul Kursi  verse daily (try to make it a habit).

4) Recite the al-Ma'thurat after the Subuh and Asar prayers.

5) Remember to include prayers for Rasulullah in your doa (prayers) & when reciting the Yaasin verse.

6) Read lots of stories about the Prophet, e.g Sirah Rasulullah to know him better & to try take a step at following his good traits.

There are many more things you can do beside all of the above. I'm writing this down juz as a reminder to all of us Muslims (including myself) so that we do not get pretty much preoccupied with earthly things.

Hope all of my precious readers celebrate this special day happily yet moderately, with lots of thoughts & salawat for our beloved Prophet Muhammad.

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