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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bought a shawl from Chanteks Butik~..

Chanteks Butik is an online business which sells shawls, inners & the like. I was first introduced to it by my coursemate, /, whose fren (a.k.a collgemate) is the owner of Chanteks Butik.

Chanteks Butik sells its products via Facebook. I ordered a black shawl which is plain but has decorations in grey at both ends. Here a pic of it - taken from Facebook:

Mine is the black one..
Since I had been busy with my classes + my recent involvement in AIESEC UM, I only got to pay & get the shawl yesterday (and that was after much delays) "-_- I claimed the shawl myself at the college (where Shima & her fren a.k.a Chanteks Butik owner are staying at) in UM. So there was no need for me to pay extra charges for delivery. ^_^

Owh yeah, about the shawl I bought. It's really nice. The fabric is soft, it feels like it's made from cotton+nylon+jersey. (I'm sorry... I'm not good at differentiating types of fabric.. I juz wear clothes regardless of what they're made from). The shawl is kinda like strechable & it sticks to my head nicely. That means I don't need to worry much about the wind blowing at my shawl, hihi~..

I would like to say THANKS to Chanteks Butik for being patient with a customer like me, hehe.. I look forward to buying from there again, if there are nice & lovely shawls that I have an eye for.

For those of you who are interested in buying shawls, do come & visit Chanteks Butik Facebook profile. If you happen to be a UM student, you can juz get your purchase from the owner yourself, no delivery charges.. >_^

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