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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Got My Free Shawl from Butik Alesya~!! ^_^

After entering tonnes of contests and giveaways, this is my first win!! ^_^ To take a look at the post of the contest by Butik Alesya, plz click here.

A big thank you to Butik Alesya for giving me this feeling of happiness bcoz I've finally won something, hihi~..

I got a lovely pink shawl that is one of the boutique's "Branded Shawl" collection. My shawl has Louis Vuitton written all over it.

I might be doing some online shopping at Butik Alesya next time, as they sell really lovely shawls & scarves!! Here's how u can take a look at their online boutique:

Blog link:

Facebook link:

Now I juz have to find clothes that I can wear with the shawl~.. >_^

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