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Monday, January 31, 2011

Contest Anakku Sayang, Anakku Riang Bersama Little Fingers

A contest for Baby Hannah to join... It's by EB, n it ends by the end of February 2011.

Now, here's the pic of Baby Hannah that I like the most, so far.. ^_^

Baby's name: Nur Hannah Husna Mohd Faizal
Age: 1 year & 9 months old
Mother's name: Khairunnisa' Mohd Azman

I think EB works as a professional designer.. hihi..

I'm gonna tag:

Come join my contest!!!


eb ezrin2 said...

pro designer? what if i dont think so?... ha ha ha...
hannah is so adorable...
tq 4 joining & gd luck ;p

Nisa' Azman said...

@eB: hehe, thnx.. ^_^