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Friday, October 8, 2010

Belated September poem~

I know it's now October, but I lost the piece of paper on which I wrote the poem below, only juz now I found it in my drawer, haha!!

My September

September, September
The month to remember

The month of which
my husband and I were born
I was born on the first
My husband was on the twenty-seventh.

The bright blue Sapphire
is the gem of September
The month which is always
associated with nine
It is such a beautiful month,
It is simply divine

September, September
You will be in my memories,
forever and ever.

Created by: Nisa' Azman
on 6th September 2010


syud said...

wah beshnye reti tulis poem..buatkan 1 utk kita bulan julainye sbb kita dgn bf kita pon sama julai..hehe

uMi KaLtHuM said...

heee me too nisa'! tlg watkan utk umi..hehe my boy n i were born in june ^_^

Nisa' Azman said...

Wahhh.. byk eh couple yg lahir same bln.. jodoh la tue! XD
Ok, ok.. syud & umie, nnti kalo kite ade mase free (pas dh siapkn assignmt yg belambak!), I'll try to write a poem for u.
Xsusah pun, pki hentam je!! >_^