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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Raya 2010 Update~!! ^_^

Phew, currently I've been busy wif the Raya holidays, assignments (plus problems as well!), n only now have I the chance & time to update my blog. Yes, I know, Syawal is nearing its end, but I still wanna tell u about my Eid celebrations this year.

My big family
1st day of Eid:
--My parents, siblings (all 5 of them), baby Hannah & I celebrated the 1st day at my Pak Long's (my uncle) house in Kuala Lumpur. All of my relatives of my mom's side came here as well, since my grandma's house has been pulled down (to be replaced with my Pak Uteh's soon-to-be new house). Hannah received many duit raya (money given to children from adults & relatives who are working), and astonishingly, I got duit raya too~!! (Maybe coz I'm still studying, hihi..) ^_^

--That night, all of my relatives came to my family's house in Shah Alam. An uncle bought RM1000+ worth of fireworks, including those huge ones that u usually see during Merdeka celebrations n so on. We had quite a nice night! >_< 

My dear family (Hubby not in pic)

My dearest grandma Embun - the only grandparent left!

 2nd & 3rd day of Eid:
--We went to various relatives' houses, eating loads of food + putting on weight! Hihi.. >_^

Fireworks night

4th day of Eid:
--My family & I went back to my dad's hometown in Johor. It's been quite a while since we last went there. (There's even some of my cousins who I've forgotten their faces n names!! "-_-) We arrived back home the same night.

8th & 9th day of Eid:
--Hubby, Hannah & I went to KLCC to spend time together, then we got on the night bus to my hubby's hometown in Kelantan. Although I've planned earlier not to go to Kelantan this year since we've celebrated Eid 2 years in a row there previously, but Hubby missed his hometown so much, so eventually, I had to give in.

So...that's about it then! More pictures of my Eid celebrations will be posted in my Facebook account. Now, I'd better get back to doing my assignments. "-_-

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