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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Found a long-lost schoolmate through blogging!!

Yup, the title of this entry is true to its words. That is the power of Internet, it connects you with people, even friends, or in my case long-lost schoolmates.

This happened about 2-3 days ago. There's this blog I'm following, :::Daffodil D:::, at first I thought the blogger was juz a random blogger. But then, when I saw pics of her, I said to myself: "Her face is so familiar!"

So...I asked Daffodil D a.k.a Dayana if she used to go to SK TTDI Jaya (a primary school which is in Shah Alam). Lo and behold -- she is a former schoolmate of mine! We used to be in the same class. 

I have been searching for my primary school friends (esp close frens) since I started having a Facebook account. But never did I expected to find one here! So,  thanks to as well, then!!

I would love to paste a pic of Dayana here, but I don't have her permission to do so. Juz check out her blog if you wanna know about her or see her pics.

Last bit from me, you shouldn't forget your friends, bcoz they help make up the most of your memories in life!! ^_^

* * *

Special note to Dayana:

Thnx coz follow kite in the first place.
Kalo x, kite mmg xfollow blk blog awk 
n then tau yg awk nie ex-schoolmate kite.
Hihi.. ^_^


Daffodil D said...

he he. thanks awak .. :) btw, sorry, open house x jemput. next year dtg tau.. PM kite contact num awak. n do add me at FB. nanti kite gtaw awak sape ag kene add kat FB ea? he he. thanks again. :)

Nisa' Azman said...

Ok, kite dh add awk kat FB. Approve la kite eh. N kite dh bg my hp no dlm msg FB..^_^