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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Jom Singgah" by BabyIbu

For those who want their blogs to be reviewed by BabyIbu, then come & join this "Jom Singgah" project. Click the banner above for more info. It runs until 30 April 2011, so better hurry~..

25 lucky blogs will be reviewed in BabyIbu's blog. Bloggers who want exposure, like me, should join in. All you have to do is create an entry like this one, and state why your blog should be reviewed.

I think my blog should be reviewed as I want bloggers out there to know the existence of my blog. I know it isn't as hot as Cute Mum's or Mama Zharfan's or Khumaera's or Amy Syaquena's blogs, but I do have precious followers of my own. XP

I blog about my life as a student, a mother, a wife, a daughter & a fren~.. ^_^ Everyone is welcome to leave comments & critics at my blog. And I truly appreciate every single person that has followed me. (I'm in the process of following my followers back, hehe..)

For bloggers out there who want more blogger frens, do count me in. I'm in search of much more blogger frens, and hope to find a real close fren, hehe.. >_<

So... if you want your blog to be reviewed & exposed, do come & click here --> Jom Singgah by BabyIbu <-- for more info.

Happy blogging & thanks for reading~!!

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Cute MuM said...

cute mum suka gak baca bloh nie sebab tulis dalam BI.. jarang sangat ada.. bagus untuk cute mum & pembaca..

Nisa' Azman said...

@Cute Mum: hehe.. thanks byk2 ye, really appreciate it!! ^_^