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Monday, April 25, 2011

Hannah Husna's 2nd B'day Party~!!

Last Saturday (23 April 2011), I organised a b'day party for my daughter, Hannah. Yes, I can't call here "Baby Hannah" anymore since she's now turned 2. will be Hannah in my posts from now on, hihi~... Here's an update of the party.

I invited lots of frens via Facebook & email, but since it's the study week + exams are coming (and starting today!!), so many of them couldn't come. Only 2 of my frens came: Olivia - my UM coursemate & Yana - my old fren from primary school. Yana brought along her sister, Iqa as well.

There'll be more pics than words this time. So enjoy~!!! ^_^

Hannah is excited about the party
Hannah all dressed up in her Burberry for the party
2 home-made b'day cakes:
Choc moist cake & blueberry cheesecake
Hannah is ready to cut the cakes

Hannah wif Yana & her sis
I'm helping Hannah cut the choc moist cake

Now to cut the blueberry cheesecake
Yana & I
Yana, me & Iqa (Yana's sis)

Me & Olivia

This is what is left of the cakes after 4 people have eaten it

B'day gift from Yana & her sis

A ball from Ummi

My b'day gifts for Hannah:
3 dresses
I'll update about the what happened after the party in my next entry. So...stay tuned!!!! Thanks for reading~.. And happy blogging!

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Nida said...

Selamat ulang tahun sayang..

moga membesar sebagai anak yg berjaya dunia dan akhirat...ameeeeennnn

Nisa' Azman said...

@ Kak Nida: Thnx byk2 ye~... ^_^