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Monday, April 18, 2011

I have products to sell!!

I have products to be sold away... Care to buy them?

Hubby is a member of Gamat Emas Sdn Bhd (GESB), a Malaysian company that sells products made from golden sea cucumbers (gamat emas). Their products range from healthcare, bodycare & also slimming products.

Yes, this is an MLM company, where you can join as a member & earn points & great deals plus special prices & promotions. But if you're in doubt about GESB, you can head on to their websites:

Hubby & I are using some products of GESB. So I can personally tell you that these products are not lies or fakes. Hehe..

OK..enough with all the intro. I will be updating details about the products that Hubby & I are selling in the entries to come.

Hope the products may interest you in buying. ^_^ More pics of the products can be seen at my Facebook album - Gamat Emas products.

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