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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gamat Emas Bodycare Products - Part 2

This is the 2nd part of Gamat Emas bodycare products entry. To read related posts, click at the links provided at the bottom of this post, ok?

Orogard Toothpaste

* Combines the latest natural formulation to maximize the benefits to care for the mouth, gums, teeth and throat effectively.
* It helps to prevent tooth decay and caries, dental plaque, tartar, sensitive teeth, gum disease, breath odour and oral infection.

Isomalt, Gamat extract, Salvadora persica extract (ekstrak kayu sugi), Sodium Monofluorofostat, Spearmint flavour, Sorbitol, Sodium Saccharin, Glycerine, Silika, Sodium Benzoate, Food colouring - Grade Blue and Water.


* Normal price: RM12.00(WM), RM13.00(EM)
* Member price: RM9.90(WM), RM11.00(EM)

--> Hubby is using this toothpaste, which works wonders. Alhamdulillah, his teeth that used to be yellow (due to the habit of smoking) has slowly turned to normal white again. ^_^

Gamat Facial Wash
* Scientifically formulated using Gamat extract to help cleanse the skin, leaving it soft, clean and silky smooth.
* It penetrates deep into the skin pores to remove dirt and helps to overcome acne and oily skin.
* Beneficial to reduce skin irritation and helps to stimulate healthy skin growth.

Purified Gamat extract, Seaweed extract, Cocamide DEA, Allantoin, Cocoglucoside, Tetrasodium EDTA.


* Normal price: RM19.50(WM), RM21.50(EM)
* Member price: RM16.50(WM), RM18.50(EM)

--> Hubby & I both use this facial wash. Our skin feels smooth everytime using it. ^_^

Gamat Body Lotion
* Scientifically formulated containing collagen from Gamat extract.
* Enriched with Vitamin A that renders the skin smooth.
* It helps to overcome skin dryness and cares for a healthier and beautiful skin.

Recommened for these situations/problems:
* Stroke (angin ahmar)
* Post-natal (selepas bersalin) - to be applied on dry skin
* Chicken pox/measles (campak/cacar air) - apply on red spots/areas
* Dry skin (kulit kering)
* Hair fall/baldness (keguguran rambut/botak) - apply on scalp and leave over night. Wash thoroughly the next morning.
* Dandruff (kelemumur) - apply on scalp and leave over night. Wash thoroughly the next morning.
* Scars (parut)
* Cracked heels (tumit merekah) - apply occasionally on heel

Purified Gamat extract, Vitamin A, Citric acid, Methylparaben, Buthyl paraben and Deionised water.


* Normal price: RM15.00(WM), RM17.00(EM)
* Member price: RM12.00(WM), RM14.00(EM)

Interested in any of these GESB bodycare products? Contact me (Pn Nisa') at 013-3442646 or Hubby (En Faizal) at 010-2174368.

For any enquiries/orders/further details, you can also email me at
Hope the products may interest you in buying. ^_^ More pics of the products can be seen at my Facebook album - Gamat Emas products.

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