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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GA results are in~!!!

First of all, I would like to thank all 60 contestants for joining this GA of mine (Baby Hannah's 2nd B'day GA). Thanks a lot for your suuport & for the lovely wishes as well~!!

Before I move on to the results, there are 3 contestants that have been disqualified bcoz of not completing all of the conditions of the GA. Click here to know the names. Therefore, below is an updated list of the qualified contestants:

Now for the results!!! There were so many entries that had lovely wishes for Hannah, but I could only choose one.

So..the winner for the best wish entry is.....

I've been generous, since the number of contestants have exceeded 50 people, so I decided to add 2 more lucky przies! Yay~!!! Thus, there will be 2 winners who will get a shell brooch each, and 2 more winners who will get a Malacca keychain each. So let's see who those lucky ones are~..

2 shell brooch lucky winners

mama tisya


2 Malacca keychain lucky winners



Congrats to all 5 winners~!!!!! ^_^ Plz email me ur name, address & hp no to a.s.a.p, ok? Owh yeah, the subject title of your email should be "Baby Hannah's 2nd B'day GA winner". To other contestants, don't worry, you can have this instead as a token of appreciation from your truly (i.e. me!!!) ^_^

Till then, happy blogging~!!! ^_^

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mama tisya said...

wah tk sangka menang rezeki busday..tq2

♥CHaRa♥ said...

wah, tak sangka menang ni.hihi.
tahniah pada pemenang yg lain;)

umiliza989 said...

tahniah kepada pemenang

Cute MuM said...

tahniah mama tisya..
dapat hadiah besday..

Lin Azlina said...

tahniah buat semua yang bertuah

Nida said...


Namaku ada di entry ini.. Thanks Nisa'... dan buat baby Hannah, jadi anak yang membahagiakan keluarga tau.. :)

Nanti Kak Nida emelkan details ye.. sekarang anak tengah mengamuk...

Nida said...

silap eja daaaa...

* Alhamdulillah

Nisa' Azman said...

@mama tisya: Yup, congrats n hepi b'day ye!!!! ^_^

@Chara: hehe..congrats tau!

@umiliza: nape xjoin GA ari tue? hehe..

@Cute Mum: yup, btul kate Cute Mum tue... Thanks gak sudi join ye..

@Lynn: Thnks tau sudi join..

@Kak Nida: akak mmg layak menang pun~..hihi~..Thnks byk2 ye!! ^_^

Miza Yusof said...


nanakimie said...

tahniah semua:)hehe....neway thanks nisa invite nana join contest,t nana join yer..

ajumohit said...

hehehhe menang ye??
alamat aju dh emel ye nisa..
tahniah kpd pemenang lain!!!
berbunganya hati ini!!!

Nisa' Azman said...

@Miza: thanks tau sudi join..

@nanakimie: thanks gak coz sudi join GA sy... yup, hehe, ok..

@ajumohit: yup, dh dpt dh email, thanks tau!