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Monday, June 20, 2011

Thanks to you that I won!!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!!

The lucky draw that I organised recently was to get votes for the contest I entered in Facebook. The results of the contest are already out. Guess what?

I won the consolation prize!!!!!!

This is actually the 1st time I've entered a contest where votes are needed. It was pretty tough too, huhu~... I was vying to be in the Top 3, but then again, getting the consolation prize is still worth all my efforts. 633 likes is considered a lot to me...hihi~..

So I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to all who have voted for me. Your votes are very much appreciated. Without them, I would never have won the prize at all. Hehe.. "^_^

one of these is mine, hehe..

I will be getting 2 shawls, 1 cotton inner & a shawl clip from Butik Alesya....worth RM60. I might upload pics of the prizes once I get them, ok?

I will be announcing the list of participants + the results of the lucky draw tomorrow. Happy blogging & thanks for reading~!!

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NOOR FATIN said...


IntaNBerliaN said...

wah.. bestnya.. tahniah

Nisa' Azman said...

@fatin: thanks...^_^

@IntanBerlian: ala..menang pun berkat korg vote la, hehe.. thanx tau!