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Monday, June 27, 2011

Generous bloggers~...

Salam n hye everyone~!!!

I really love it when other people mention me in their blogs. (if it's for a good cause, of course).

Recently, I have given out awards (whoa, sounds kinda official pulak, hehe..) to a few blogger frens. Cute Mum, IntanBerlian & Kak Nida have kindly expressed their gratitude of receiving the award in their blogs.

* Cute Mum - Yea! Yea! Dapat AWARD..
* Ina - Thanks to Greennn Inspiration for the award..!!
* Kak Nida - Sepuluh Hari Bagaikan Sesaat

One of the winners of my "Vote & Win" Lucky Draw was generous enough to mention her wins. I'm glad that shidasyakirin was thrilled about winning the small lucky draw that I organised. ^_^

* shidasyakirinWon "Vote & Win" Lucky Draw

Thanks so much for mentioning me (a not very popular blogger) in your blog. I really, really appreciate it!!! Love all of you~!!

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nuyui a.k.a miss NUSHA said...

mstilah rasa suke kan..


IntaNBerliaN said...

hai nisa.. lama tak `jenguk nisa kat sini.. baru balik dr kg ni.. buat kenduri doa slamat.. ;-)

ohya, thanks pasal tag ina join GA yer.. nanti saya join.. 3 hari tak buka blog rs mcm 3 tahun, dh byk ketinggalan.. hihii

Nisa' Azman said...

@nusha: hehe.. thanx dear..

@Ina: hye ina.. dh slamat blk eh? btw, thanx inform psl mnang GA tue ye.. xpe2, join la nnti sumer GA yg sy tag tue, hehe.. XP

Nida said...

hehe.... thanks dear.. mentioned nama akak di sini..

Semoga kita terus berkawan...Insya Allah :)