Salam n hye everyone~!! I'm offline now. If you've come here, leave a trace & I'll visit you back. ^_^

Friday, June 3, 2011

Blogging via mobile~!!!

Salam n hye everyone!!

I'm currently at Hubby's kampung in Kelantan. It's been days that I've not blogged. Huhu~..

Rite now I'm blogging via Hubby's phone. This is the 1st time I've attempted to do so. I never knew we could blog via mobile phones. (I bet everyone knows, but me.. T_T)

A very special thanks to IntanBerlian a.k.a Ibu Alisha for informing me about a GA that I won. Lucky me, I won a cute teddy bear keychain from My 12th Anniversary Giveaway by Kak Fieda. Hihi.. ^_^ thanks to Kak Fieda n her children for picking me as 1 of the lucky winners.

If u do see my name pop up in the results of other giveaways, contests n let me know. Thanks a bunch, luv u all!

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Amy Syaquena said...

Jemput join Cutest Baby Smiling Contest

Cute MuM said...

oklah tue boleh blog lagi pakai HP..
kalo cute mum , tak berbloglah gamaknya..sebab hp tak canggih.. hihi..

fieda said...

hehe...jom join sini plk...

Nisa' Azman said...

@Amy: ok, nnti sy join ye.. thanx invite, hehe..

@Cute Mum: hp hubby la.. hp sy pun xcanggih gak, huhu~..

@fieda: nnti sy join gak ye~... ^_^