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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Michael Jackson - The King of Pop

Salam n hye everyone~!!!

Today is the 2nd anniversary of Michael Jackson's untimely death. As a fan, I'm so hepi & proud that he has converted to Islam before he died. His Islamic name is Mikaeel.

Radio channels today are playing song after song of Michael's. My family and I are BIG fans of Michael, we've been listening to the radio all day long. Hihi~...

Tonight there will be something special at 8TV, "Michael Jackson's This Is It". Yes, 8TV is going to show the movie. "This Is It" the movie is about the rehearsals, the highlights and the behind-the-scenes clips of the concert that Michael was to perform in London.

I am definitely gonna be glued to the TV tonite. The movie starts at 10.30pm. See ya later~!!!

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