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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bite-sized Chocolate Muffins~..

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Yesterday, I mentioned about going to bake something. My sweet tooth had been craving for something chocolatey lately. But I wasn't really in the mood to bake a new recipe. So I baked bite-sized chocolate muffins that I knew of, hehe.. ^_^

Here's a recipe of the yummy choc muffins. It's actually taken from one of Ummi's recipe book, but I've altered the recipe a bit, hihi~..

(Bite-sized) Chocolate Muffins

* 125g / 4 oz butter, softened
½ cup /125g / 4 oz sugar
* 2 eggs, lightly beaten
* 2 cups / 250g / 8 oz self-raising flour
¼ cup / 30g / 1 oz cocoa powder, sifted
* 155g / 5 oz chocolate chips, or chopped bits from a chocolate bar
¾ cup / 185ml / 6 fl oz buttermilk or milk

1) Beat butter & sugar until light & fluffy. Gradually beat in eggs.

2) Combine flour & cocoa powder. Mix the flour mixture & milk into the butter mixture.

3) Then add the chocolate chips or chocolate bar bits into the mixture.

4) Spoon the mixture into a muffin tray. (I used a 12-pc muffin tray, you can also use a 6-pc muffin tray with 1 cup / 250g measurements).

5) Bake at an oven temperature of 180°C / 350°F for 10-15 mins (12-pc muffin tray) or 30-35mins (6-pc muffin tray or until the muffins are cooked when tested wif a skewer.

6) Cool on a wire rack. Best to be served warm.

Below are pics I snapped of the muffins I made. I baked 5 trays, so that means I baked 60 choc muffins in total. XP

the 12-pc muffin tray(s) that I used

cooling them on a wire rack

baking them in this small oven

I wanted to use the kitchen oven, but it was faulty..
(better get it repaired before Eid comes, hehe..)

Tada!!! Yummylicious, don't you think?

See how tiny they are?
That's why I called them "bite-sized" muffins, hehe..
Hannah enjoying her mom's muffins.. ^_^

Feel free to try out this recipe for yourself. Muffins are so eay to make, plus they're delicious too!! XP

Till then, happy baking + blogging~!!

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IntaNBerliaN said...

wah.. nampak sedap.. nak buat tp dkt umah ina takda oven la pulak... nak kene buat kt kg la next time.. hihii

Nisa' Azman said...

@Ina: owh ye ke? xpe2.. try la wat kat kg nnti.. tp nie muffin biase2 aje..hehe..

Nida said...

Ayoyo... baru 2 hari lepas akak bagi acu muffin tu kat kawan.. tu pun kawan lain bg akak (sebab dia nak balik Malaysia for good) then akak bg lak kat orang.. nyesalnya..huhu. Sebabnya akak tak terfikir pula akan tertarik nk buat muffin ni, tak reti sebenaunya.. (aci ek gitu..hehe)

♥♥azatiesayang ♥♥ said...

salam Nisa..nampak sedap muffin tue!!

Nisa' Azman said...

@Kak Nida: hehe.. ala, muffin kn bnde yg sgt easy nk wat, hehe.. sy n sis sy mmg slalu wat muffin, hihi~... bile dh giveaway acu muffin, br akak trase nk wat muffin? hihi..xpe2.. meh mkn sy nye!ade byk lg nie.. ^_^

@Kak Atie: Salam kak.. mmg sdap, esp time panas! tp xde la sdap gile2.. takat sdap biase2 je, hehe.. if jual nie, xtau la laku ke x, ngehehe..