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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Is it hard to load to my blog?

Salam n hye everyone~!!


Juz wanted to ask you something...

Do u find it hard/slow to load to my blog?

Does the loading time takes more than a few minutes? Does it happen everytime you come to this blog?

I really need to know, hope you can help me by answering the questions. ">_<

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, then I think it's time to do a little make over for this blog. Huhu~..

Till then, happy blogging~!!!

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EZAN IDMA said...

yes dear. lambt sgttt

Nida said...

salam Nisa'...

boleh tahan jugalah lambatnya...huhu

Akak ada sedikit coretan di sini..

datang jenguk ek...

nuyui a.k.a miss NUSHA said...

lmbt gak..mgkin perlu remove contest2 yg mane lepas..

widget2 yg rase berat..leh buang..

Nisa' Azman said...

@Ezan: thanx for informing ye.. huhu~..

@Kak Nida; sy dh visit td. Thanx byk2 kak~!!!!!! suke lak bile name kne mention dlmblog org lain, hehe.. sy pun ade wat entry n mention akak gak.. >_<

@nusha: owh, ye ke? ok,dlm proses nk remove mane yg xpatut.. thanx ye..