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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Out to UM, Mid Valley & SACC Convention Centre

Salam n hye everyone~!!!

Yesterday (28 June 2011), I went out to those 3 places as seen in the title post. Why? Well, let me tell you about it then.

I went to UM at around 9 am to meet my lecturer. I had something to discuss with her about an exam paper that I am supposed to take next month. Unfornately, she wasn't in. I waited until nearly 11 am, but there was still no sign of her.

Why didn't I phone her, you may ask? Well, my hp's broke. Hubby has promised that I'll be getting a new hp in a few more weeks' time. He's currently working outstation, in Terengganu for 2 weeks. Huhu~...

So, I then went to Mid Valley Megamall. I came there juz to redeem the tote bag from GNC Live Well. (Have you redeemed your goodie bag?)

I also bought a GNC Women's Ultra Mega supplement. It was on offer for 50% discount, exclusively for the first 5,000 fans of GNC's Facebook page.. So, there goes my hard-earned money... At least I bought something that will do good to my health, hehe..

Rated as the bestseller
Before discount: RM127.90
After discount: RM63.95

The supplement is actually a dietary supplement. It has all sorts of vitamins, fibre, iron etc that we may have not taken in our consumption of food. (Yeah, I know, as a junk food lover, I should be having supplements like this)

Next, I went straight back to Shah Alam. Bought some stuff at the Giant supermarket in SACC Mall, then I went to the Selangor Book Fair held at SACC Conevention Centre.

I saw 2 famous Malaysian stars at the book fair!! Wanna know who they are? Stay tuned for the next post. ^_^

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IntaNBerliaN said...

Apa perubahan yg nisa dpt bila mkn multivitamin ni?.. ina br mkn 3 hari, kira okla.. susu badan ina makin banyak.. bagus jugak multivitamin ni...

kalau ok, lainkali boleh beli yg saiz besar mcm nisa pulak..

Nisa' Azman said...

@Ina: perubahan? mm..ntah,hehe.. rsnye selera mkn dh kurang kot. bgus gak tue, xde la sy kuat mkn nnti, haha.. wah, btul ke? bgus la tue ina. Sy kebetulan aje bli yg bsar, xtau lak ade yg kecik, kalo tau,bli yg kecik aje ari tue, hehe... XP

IntaNBerliaN said...

aik.. selera mkn nisa mkin kurang ke.. saya pulak makin byk.. hahhahah... lgpun saya mmg nk tambahkan berat badan pun sbb saya ni terlalu kurus..

tau x, saya tinggi dalam are 163 to 165cm tp berat hanya 43kg..!! xsuka tau!! nampak terlalu kurus...hahha

tp vitamin ni kira okla, sbb diakan tambahkan apa yg tak cukup dkt badan kita.. so, ina rasa thats y selera makan ina mkin bertambah kot.. lgpun dia ada vit b complex, yg secara xlgsung dapat tmbah selera mkn..

saya harap brt saya akan naik sampai 51kg.. mean, berat badan ideal..

saya pun dia offer yg besar jugak, mcm xnak la beli tp tetiba sy terpandang yg kecik, itu yg beli.. hihii

Nisa' Azman said...

@Ina: hehe.. xtau sebenarnye ape prubahannye, haha.. maybe selera mkn trun coz tgh selsema nie, dh 5 ari dh,huhu~..

Wah, ringan btul ina nie!! Jealous sy tau.. Ina tggi sket dr sy, rsnye sy around 158-160cm...pendek kn? huhu~... T_T mase pregnant dlu, nurse xde suruh ina tmbah brat badan ke?

Sy lak rs cam overweight aje.. brat sy 57kg, huhu~.. kalo kire ikut BMI, lg sket nk msuk kategori gemuk, uhuhu~.. tue pasal hubby slalu aje pesan suruh trunkn brat bdan, biar ideal n seimbang ngan ketinggian..

IntaNBerliaN said...

laa yeke.. oloo siannya.. mesti tak selesakan bila selsema... xsuka bila slsema. huhuu

tak pun.. actually sblm kahwin berat sy 50-52kg.. kira berat ideal dgn ketinggian la kan.. so, time prgnant xda apala.. nurse tak suh tmbah berat pun..

cuma bila dah beranak ni je.. berat turun teruk sgt.. mybe sbb menyusu bdn kot..

hsbd saya pulak suruh mkn byk.. hahhah.. tp mkn byk bkn smpai gemuk, smpi 50-53kg, kira okla... hsbd ina ni, tak suka is3 dia gemuk2.. kurus sgt pun xsuka jugak.. hihii

demand hsbd saya ni.. hahhahhah tp ina sk kalau hsbd kita tegur... sekurag2nya kita tahu.. ina mmg awai2 lg dah pesan dkt hsbd, kalau sy gemuk bagitahu.. mauahaha

Nisa' Azman said...

@Ina: selsema nie dh nak elok dh, hehe.. wah, trun brat badan ngan drastik pas branak eh? bgus btul.. sy nie lbh brat now berbanding before pregnant dlu tau, huhu~.. ntah camne la nk trunkn brat badan nie lg... T_T

sy xmyusu badan, takat 2 bln je, coz then trus gi study. bile blk umah, mmg susukan hannah, tp lame2 susu kering.. so smpat 2 bln aje susukan hannah..sdih kn? if ade anak lg pasnie,mmg nk susukan smpi umur 2 thn aa.. >_<