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Friday, March 11, 2011

Won consolation prizes~!!

Showing Your Love Contest
Alhamdulillah.. I never did expect to win anything in "Showing Your Love Contest" by Ummisofea. When Ummisofea first announced the 2nd and 3rd winners, I knew of course that I hadn't a chance to win the 1st prize. But Ummisofea did inform that the contest sponsor, Kufishoppe, has decided to give away consolation prizes to 2 winners of their choice.

And whaddaya know? I was one of the lucky two!! (here's my lucky entry). The other lucky person was Mama Zharfan, (here's her lucky entry). ^_^ Click here to read about the announcement made by Ummisofea.

Ummisofea even said that the two of us were in the running to be the top winners, but sadly, we missed out 1 important condition of the contest, i.e to provide the name of you & your partner. Owh well, I'm juz super hepi n grateful that I did win a consolation prize, hihi~...

So... a BIG special THANKS to both Ummisofea & Kufishoppe for selecting me to win the consolation prize. ^_^

Nama Baby Saya Contest
Ezan Idma was generous enough to give consolation gifts @ participation gifts to every contestant that participated in the contest. So..although I didn't win the top prizes, I still got something, hehe.. Click here to read about the announcement.

Thanks a bunch to Idma Textile for being so generous~!! ^_^

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