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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Last Wednesday (2 March 2011), I had a lunchdate wif my dear fren, Shida. Sori for not writing about it earlier, I had to wait for Shida to upload the pics we've taken on Facebook.

It's been a while since Shida & I have been together. We used to be coursemates, but she has graduated her degree. She is now pursuing her Masters at the same faculty, hihi~.. So, I guess we are now what you call as faculty mates (if there is such a word).

We decided to hangout for lunch at Mid Valley Megamall & to exchange stories between us. We ate lunch at Teppanyaki restaurant, as suggested by Shida. So we talked, ate, talked, ate and talked some more.

Here's some pics of Teppanyaki restaurant that I googled. XP

The Teppanyaki restaurant @ Mid Valley

What I ate: Chicken Teppanyaki
(Rice, fried chicken, fried bean sprouts+carrot+other veggies, pickles, fried garlic)

They cook in front of the customers

For those in doubt, the restaurant is halal ^_^

We had a really good time. I hope that Shida & I will be able to hangout some more, hihi~.. >_<

I look soooo chubby~~.. T__T

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