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Monday, March 7, 2011

What are you reading now?

I find that people today read online. Is it good? I simply can't stand reading too long from the computer screen, it makes my eyes hurt & gives me a sore headache afterwards. Reading blogs is fine, but when it comes to novels n such, bye-bye from me then!

Online reading, hehe!! Not for me..

I totally prefer reading written stuff that are on paper. Full stop. It's either buy books or borrow them, simple as that. I find that I can engage myself better with books rather than e-books. I could bring a book anywhere, juz plop into a nice chair or sofa, n read pages after pages. As compared to e-books, I would have to open a laptop n stare at the screen - that's juz not comfy for me. Sorry!!

I'm not really a fan of newspapers, but I do read them once in a while. I used to love reading comic books & mangas, hihi~!! But that was before marriage. Now, I have moved on to parenting magazine, Pa&Ma. (I've written about this in a post last year. Click here to read it.)

One of the mangas that I liked to read back then
From mangas to parenting mags - a big change!

Ok, ok.. So back to the real focus of this post. What are you bloggers reading now? I'm currently reading psychological thrillers by Stephen White. If you've watched The Mentalist, these books are somewhat like that but different altogether too. I've read Cold Case and Private Practices

I have juz started reading Higher Authority - actually borrowed it this morning. Yup, I borrowed all three books form the UM main library. I haven't bought a book for a long, long time. I used to like buying books, but since being a wife + mother, I've got other things to buy which are more important, hehe..

So what are you currently reading? I would love to know~.. Feel free to leave a comment, ok? ^_^

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Wani said...

I'm reading Lauren Conrad's Sugar and Spice. The third and last book from L.A Candy series. 1st - L.A Candy, 2nd - Sweet Little Lies and 3rd is Sugar and Spies. Buku ni agak best, if you like Ugly Betty and Devil Wears Prada, well, this is kinda like the combination of both of them with a little sprinkle of America's Next Top Model. haha. It's good, I found it very interesting and entertaining.

But actually, I am more into fantasy-ish books. There's this one, The Secret Series. Awesomeness. Ada four books, the 1st - The Name of This Book is Secret. 2nd - If You're Reading This It's Too Late. 3rd - This Book is Not Good For You and the 4th (which I'm currently still looking for) is called It's Not What It Looks Like.

Another one that is nice, Black Magician Trilogy, by Trudi Canavan and I finished it. Sgt best! And also Charlie Bone series, kinda like combination of Harry Potter and X-Men. Haha...

Ok...I seem to have lots of fav books...I shall stop now before I give you a headache. heehee~ :p

Nisa' Azman said...

Whoa~..that's a load of book suggestions. Not to worry, I didn't have a headache after reading it. Hehe.. Nway, dear cousin of mine, do you have some of the books you've said? Can I borrow, plz, plz??? ^_^

Wani said...

Do I have it? Haha...I buy all the books I read. So yeah...I have novels literally on the floor now sbb not enough space kt book shelves. hahaha.

Nisa' Azman said...

Yeah...I want to borrow~!!! ^_^